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An RP log

Wufei: *sits down in front of the phone, going through its menu to see if he can't find Heero's number, set on honouring his promise to call him in case Relena got upset*

Wufei: *finds after a minute and dials, pushing his glasses up higher*

Heero: *looks at the phone for a second, not having expected a call, but goes to answer and raises an eyebrow at the sight of Wufei on the vidphone* Hello, Chang. *knows Wufei without memories will probably be more comfortable if he uses the less personal name*

Wufei: *nods in greeting* Yuy. *frowns, thinking for a second* You asked me to call if Relena ever seemed upset.

Heero: *nods at that* Why did she seem upset? Did something happen?

Wufei: No, nothing happened, or not that I know of. We were simply talking, yesterday evening and she cried. Though maybe...crying is too big a word.

Heero: Ah. *sighs softly* Were you talking about anything in particular, or just talking? *chuckles softly* I say I'd like to help her, but I have no idea how to go about it. Emotions aren't something I was trained to deal with very well. Does... she seem okay now?

Wufei: She...*tries to remember last night's conversation* she told me about what you all did during the war and she said she couldn't imagine what I must feel like and then there were tears. *shrugs slightly* I gave her some privacy and I haven't seen too much of her yet today.

Heero: *nods* Well, she seemed okay at training... I'll talk to her tomorrow. *smiles slightly* Thank you, Chang.

Wufei: *bows his head slightly* I said I'd call if anything came up.

Heero: *bows his head slightly in return* You did, as I said, my thanks.

Wufei: No problem. I'll see you again. *reaches over to disconnect*

Heero: *nods and reaches over to disconnect as well*

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