Chang Wufei (retrogade) wrote in gwrpg,
Chang Wufei

An RP log

Wufei: *walks into the living room, carrying a book he snagged from Relena's small library*

Relena: *looks up at him from where she's been curled up with a book, forcing a slight smile and saying hi softly before looking away, assuming that he won't really want her to speak to him*

Wufei: *takes a seat in the couch opposite of hers, sitting up perfectly straight, hands on his knees, book in his lap and looking at her curiously* Why are you important?

Relena: *looks up at him, startled* You mean... why do the people think I am important?

Wufei: Yes, what did you do? You can't be older than I am, you're just a girl, what makes you important?

Relena: *uncurls a little, unconsciously straightening to almost match Wufei's stance* Well, I was part of an effort for peace during a war between the colonies and earth. *smiles slightly* I was Queen of a small country, during the war. I adopted a stance of total pacifism. *settles back a little, watching Wufei's face but not meeting his eyes* The others - Heero, Quatre, Duo and Trowa - they were pilots in that war, they fought in mobile suits called Gundams. Now, I am a politician trying to keep the peace between Earth and colonies, although I don't have as many duties now as I did at the end of the war.

Wufei: *blinks slowly, raising his hands, but dropping them to his knees again* A war...between the colonies and earth? *blinks again, taking a deep breath* Gundams? *shakes his head, trying to gather his thoughts and stay calm* You can't be right. The resistance is still too small for anything like a war against the Alliance and they, your friends, they can't be pilots, they're short, they're scrawny, they're like _me_, for crying out loud, how could they be soldiers?

Relena: Oh... *drops her eyes to her lap* Wufei... you don't remember any of the war? *looks up again, her face pained* It's been over for a while now, it's been peacetime since... apart from the odd events where fighting broke out again. *thinking of Mariemaia and also of the events on L2 not so long ago* Heero and the others... were even younger when they piloted. I remember... the first time I met Heero, I thought he was too young, but... you don't re- don't know how the war aged... all of them.

Wufei: It's _over_? *gets up from his chair, not minding the age of the others as much as the fact that he doesn't even know for sure if at least fought or not* *sets eyes on Relena* You know who I am, don't you? Did I do anything? During the war?

Relena: *nods slightly, her eyes on his face*

Wufei: *groans in furstration and goes to sit back in his seat, calming himself down, quiet for a moment until he speaks again, quietly now* I apologize...for my outburst. I shouldn't be so rude.

Relena: *smiles slightly, remembering another outburst of his* That's alright. I understand this must be... hard for you more than anyone else. *sits back, closing her eyes for a moment, thoughtful* I think it might help... *looks up, more decisive* I'll write down an internet site for you, if you get a journal there, you'll be able to write about how you're feeling, things you remember - whatever you like. You can filter it so that no one else can see it, if you wish to. I think... it might help.

Wufei: A journal...? Maybe, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try. *puts his book back in his lap and straightens, sitting as he did before* I'll think about it, thank you for the idea. *smiles very slightly, more to be polite than for any other reason*

Relena: *nods again, her eyes flicking over his face, and then darting away again* *softly* We'll all help you as much as we can with any questions you have.

Wufei: Thank you, I can't say how much I appreciate all this help. *gets up from his seat again, putting his book down on the table and approaching Relena, going to stand right in front of her* I've been told, by your friends, that you can't look at me because I remind you of someone. Somehow, that's not a satisfying explanation to me. *leans a bit closer* Why can't you look me in the eye? I don't think I'm that scary.

Relena: *forces herself to look up at him, forcing herself not to show too much emotion, but her voice is softer than even just before* You remind me of someone very special to me that no longer.... someone who is not a part of my life at this time. You're not scary, but the prospect of never seeing that person again _is_ upsetting, and you do remind me of it. Although, *forces a smile, longing to make some other gesture to show that she doesn't hate him or anything, but guessing that as he is now, he wouldn't want or expect her to* that's no fault of your own and I'm quite happy to have you in my home.

Wufei: Ah...*stays close for a few more seconds, gazing at her, but finally gets up with a frown* I suppose that does explain it somewhat better. I hope I will not be such a bother that you decide to throw me out, I do appreciate your help. *bows sharply from the waist, still looking a tad confused*

Relena: *smiles slightly more* That's alright. I won't be throwing you out, I don't think. *reminded of something for a moment* You're a gentleman, at least.

Wufei: *returning to his seat again* I have to say it's strange to know that you know me, but to not know myself. *doesn't bother with picking up his book* Though I suppose finding out on my own would be better.

Relena: I can imagine. *smiles slightly* Is there anything else you want to know about me, or the others?

Wufei: Do they know me too or are they just friends of yours? *deciding to be direct about what he wants to know*

Relena: They know you as well as I do.

Wufei: *looks around the room, trying to find the words for his next question* How much am I missing? You say the war's over, that there's much do I need to remember?

Relena: I'm not sure, exactly. The last two years, I think. *eyes soft, sympathetic*

Wufei: *sucks in another deep breath, staring down at his hands* Nothing's impossible, this'll just take a bit longer than I assumed.

Relena: *moves and kneels in front of him, for a moment, putting one hand on his in a simple, reassuring gesture* You've got all the time you need, I promise. *meets his eyes, just for a second, and then stands, withdrawing again* Is there anything you want? Food, coffee?

Wufei: *looks at her hand in surprise and looks up at her face as she moves away* No, I'm fine, I just need time to think. *pulls his legs up and tucks them underneath him, curling up slightly in an attempt to get comfortable*

Relena: *smiles slightly, going to pick up her book* Alright. Do you want me to leave you alone? Or can I stay in here?

Wufei: Whichever you prefer is fine. *closes his eyes with a serious expression, taking a deep breath to calm himself down*

Relena: *restraining herself from trying to comfort him anymore* I'll go, you look like you need some time on your own. *leaves quickly, shutting the door behind her*

Wufei: *nods once, placing his hands on his knees and letting his mind wander, wanting to remember anything related to the things Relena told him about*
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