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A (somewhat adult) RP log

I was sleepy, but it was all a plot...

(posted VERY late)

Duo: *kicks off his shoes and hops on to the bed* Hey sleepyhead.

Trowa: Hmm?

Duo: *smiles* Time to get your ass out of bed.

Trowa: Nuh-uh. *pulls the covers over his head*

Duo: *grins and stretches out next to Trowa* What's gotten you so lazy?

Trowa: *in a muffled voice* Lack of cadets?

Duo: Awww *pulls the covers back a little* It's afternoon already though, you're not gonna stay in here all day, are you?

Trowa: Really? I'm not ready to leave bed _just_ yet. *snakes an arm around Duo's waist and pulls him close* It's warm and comfortable, and you're here, so I don't see any real reason why I should.

Duo: *smiles and kisses Trowa softly* What if you get hungry?

Trowa: *kisses back* Umm... I'll send you out to find me food?

Duo: I'm your boyfriend, not your maid. *pokes Trowa's side and throws a leg over his, getting comfortable*

Trowa: Damn. And you're not really edible, either. I'll just have to ignore it if I get hungry.

Duo: So you're going to stay in here for the rest of your life, waisting away, unless I bring you food?

Trowa: No, just for today, because I'm lazy, and I'm ignoring the fact that I really should start packing my stuff to take to Catherine's.

Duo: We haven't gotten her a present yet, either. *pokes Trowa's side again*

Trowa: Damn. What can I get her? *catches Duo's hand in his*

Duo: I don't know, she's your sister. *sits up and stradles Trowa's legs*

Trowa: *rolls his eyes* I'm not the expert on buying things for women, even women who are related to me. I'll think of something, I'm sure.

Duo: And I am? *cocks his head* Okay, what does she like, other than circus stuff?

Trowa: I don't know, I'm a hopeless brother. *grin*

Duo: *smiles back and leans closer* You better not be such a hopeless boyfriend.

Trowa: I don't think I'm so bad, maybe a little on the hopeless side.

Duo: Just a little. *kisses him softly* What about jewelry, does she like that?

Trowa: *kisses back* Probably, she does wear it, anyway.

Duo: We could get her something pretty, pair of earrings or something?

Trowa: *nods* Yeah, sounds like a plan. *wraps his arms around Duo*

Duo: See, it's easy, picking presents. *cuddles closer, burying his face in the crook of Trowa's neck*

Trowa: If you say so. *kisses the top of Duo's head*

Duo: *smiles and drapes an arm across Trowa's chest*

Trowa: You're only encouraging me to stay in bed longer, you know.

Duo: Can't help it, it's infecting me too. *kisses Trowa's neck* But I'm not going to ignore it when I'm hungry.

Trowa: *tilts his head a little* And then I'll have to prowl after you, since I'll have lost one of the reasons for staying in bed.

Duo: You poor thing *smiles and bites playfully at Trowa's jaw*

Trowa: Hmph.

Duo: *grins misschievously* Though maybe...I think we still have some fruit I could cut up for you, if you're a good boy.

Trowa: I'm a very good boy, you know I am. *rolls over, pinning Duo beneath him and kissing him softly*

Duo: *kisses back, molding himself against Trowa's chest, wrapping his arms around his neck*

Trowa: I'd like to see you try and leave the bed now. *grins at him*

Duo: *chuckles* I'm not even thinking about trying. *pulls Trowa closer and kisses him again*

Trowa: Oh good. *still grinning, kisses back*

Duo: *nips at Trowa's earlobe* Not that sleepy anymore, I see.

Trowa: *raises an eyebrow* What, you preferred me half asleep?

Duo: I'm not saying that. *presses his hips up against Trowa's* Just noticing that you're quite awake.

Trowa: *chuckles softly* That's what it's called nowadays, huh? *bites at Duo's neck*

Duo: Didn't you know? All the cool kids are calling it that. *cranes his neck*

Trowa: Pity I'm not really a cool kid, then. *bites Duo's neck again*

Duo: Just not up-to-date. *moans softly and runs his hands down Trowa's back*

Trowa: *runs his hands up under Duo's tshirt* Right.

Duo: *nods slightly and smiles, flinging his arms over his head and enjoying Trowa's touch*

Trowa: Hmm, you're overdressed compared to me, aren't you? *pulls Duo's shirt off him, still pinning Duo beneath him*

Duo: Better fix that fast. *wriggles out of his shirt and puts his hands on Trowa's bare chest*

Trowa: Mmhm. *kisses Duo softly*

Duo: *kisses back and runs his hands down to Trowa's hips*

Trowa: *lifts off Duo a little to undo Duo's jeans deftly*

Duo: *raises his hips and takes his hands off Trowa to push his jeans down*

Trowa: *smiles* Better already. *sits up to pull Duo's jeans right off and drop them somewhere out of the way*

Duo: You think? *puts his arms around Trowa's chest and pulls him down on top of him again*

Trowa: Mmhmm. *kisses Duo quite eagerly*

Duo: *kisses back, wrapping a leg around Trowa's waist*

Trowa: *rolls over again, this time pulling Duo on top of him* Want you inside me, this time. *smiles slightly and leans up a bit to bite Duo's collarbone*

Duo: *raises an eyebrow and smiles* I can do that. *takes Trowa's hands in his and pins them to the matress, leaning down and running his tongue down his neck*

Trowa: I know you can, that's why I told you to. *smiles back and moans softly*

Duo: *chuckles softly and bites at Trowa's throat, shifting his hips and pressing his arousal against Trowa's*

Trowa: *presses his hips up, groaning*

Duo: *moans and kisses Trowa hungrily, letting go of one of his hands to run it down his side*

Trowa: *runs his now freed hand down Duo's back, following the line of his spine and kissing back just as hungrily*

Duo: *shivers and arches his back, rolling off Trowa and lying on his side next to him, one of his hands slowly travelling down to Trowa's cock*

Trowa: *turns on his side slightly too, resting his forehead against Duo's and cupping his cheek gently as he kisses him again*

Duo: *smiles softly and kisses him back, taking Trowa's erection in hand and stroking it lightly*

Trowa: *moans, pulling back and biting down on his lip lightly*

Duo: *grips him a little tighter and runs his thumb over the head of his cock, leaning in to kiss him gently*

Trowa: *moans again, hip thrusting slightly, kissing back*

Duo: *stradles Trowa's legs again and takes his hand, bringing it up to his own mouth to wet his fingers*

Trowa: *looks up at Duo a bit questioningly, moaning softly at the sight of Duo sucking on his fingers*

Duo: *grins and pulls back with a last lick to Trowa's middle finger and slowly, but surely guides his hand to his ass*

Trowa: *eyes widen a little bit* _That's_ what you're up to.

Duo: *leans in to kiss him softly* What'd you think?

Trowa: *shrugs slightly and kisses back, closing his eyes and sliding a finger into his entrance slowly*

Duo: *pulls back and watches, eyes lidded and dark whiles his hands roam across Trowa's chest*

Trowa: *groans softly, pushing another finger inside slowly, just to torment Duo*

Duo: *panting softly, reaches out and pinches one of Trowa's nipples*

Trowa: *moans quite loudly, hurrying the movement of his fingers, pulling them out and tugging at Duo* Now, *pushes himself up on his elbows a little to speak into Duo's ear, voice a low purr* Fuck me.

Duo: *quickly sucks in a surprised breath, but complies easily, putting his hands on Trowa's knees to spread his legs, kissing a path up his thigh*

Trowa: *grins a bit and lays back down, a little breathless*

Duo: *positions himself at Trowa's entrance and slowly pushes in, groaning softly*

Trowa: *groans as well, wrapping his arms round Duo's neck to pull him close*

Duo: *leans his head on Trowa's shoulder, panting softly while pushing in completely*

Trowa: *kisses Duo softly with a little grin* Now this, this is good, this was the entire point of staying in bed so long.

Duo: *kisses back, laughing a little breathlessly* Sneaky bastard. *pulls out slowly and thrusts into him again, quickly*

Trowa: *chuckles* So it's sneaky bastard today, usually I'm horny bastard. *moans and drops a hand to Duo's arm, squeezing slightly*

Duo: You're both *swiftly pulls back again and thrusts deeply into Trowa* really.

Trowa: Ohh, I see... *trails off into another moan*

Duo: *smirks and, with a tiny growl, settles into a fast rhythm of deep, hard thrusts*

Trowa: *raises his hips slightly, pulling Duo closer to kiss him again, moaning softly into the kiss*

Duo: *kisses him back, putting his hands on Trowa's hips and holding him in place*

Trowa: *moans more, not attempting to move Duo's hands*

Duo: *leans in and bites at Trowa's shoulder, holding still for a moment, catching his breath and trying not to come just yet*

Trowa: *groans at the bite, panting softly*

Duo: *softly kisses Trowa's neck and nuzzles at his temple*

Trowa: *smiles slightly, wrapping his arms around Duo again*

Duo: *kisses him softly, whispering* You're so damn grogeous.

Trowa: *kisses back, whispering back* Mm, thank you, but my boyfriend is nicer looking. *grins cheekily*

Duo: *smiles and kisses him again* Why thank you. *slowly pulls out of him and pushes back in, just as slow*

Trowa: You're most welcome. *kisses back, moaning softly*

Duo: *kisses a trail down Trowa's neck, pulling out completely and quickly thrusting in again*

Trowa: *moans again, putting his hands on Duo's arms and squeezing slightly*

Duo: *moves his hands to Trowa's chest to toy with his nipples, pulling out slowly again*

Trowa: *groans, trying to push his hips upwards again*

Duo: *pauses, letting Trowa raise his hips, and thrusts into him, again settling in a fast rhythm, punctuated by quiet groans*

Trowa: *moans, close to orgasm, reaching between them to stroke his cock*

Duo: *puts his hands on either side of Trowa's head and leans closer to kiss him deeply, breathing quickly, feeling his own orgasm nearing as well*

Trowa: *kisses back, groaning loudly as he comes, body clenching around Duo*

Duo: *gasps and shuts his eyes tightly, mouthing Trowa's name as he thrusts a few times more, finally spilling himself inside of his lover*

Trowa: *pulls Duo close, kissing him softly*

Duo: *kisses back, still panting harshly*

Trowa: *relaxes slowly, breathing slowing down* Mm, that was good.

Duo: *nods* Wow. *laughs quietly* Wow.

Trowa: What's funny? *chuckles softly at Duo's laughter, kissing his cheek lightly*

Duo: Nothing, nothing. *runs the tip of a finger down Trowa's jaw and kisses him tenderly*

Trowa: *kisses back* So why were you laughing?

Duo: *shrugs* Could only say wow, thought it was funny. *kisses the tip of Trowa's nose*

Trowa: Ohhh... *hugs Duo tightly* I'm inclined to agree with you though.

Duo: *cuddles close, resting his head on Trowa's shoulder* Wow, huh?

Trowa: *kisses Duo's forehead* Yes, wow.

Duo: *sighs softly and closes his eyes, draping himself all over Trowa*

Trowa: *laughs softly as his stomach rumbles* And now, I'm hungry.

Duo: *laughs again, not moving an inch* Too bad, I'm staying here.

Trowa: Fine, I'll eat you instead. *nibbles gently on Duo's earlobe*

Duo: *laughs, a bit louder, and squirms, trying to get away*

Trowa: *holds him tightly* I thought you were staying here? *nibbles on his ear a bit more*

Duo: Ack! Nooo...*cranes his neck to get away from Trowa* I'll move, I'll move!

Trowa: *releases him, laughing softly*

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