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A (somewhat adult) RP log

In which Duo gets poked a lot and gets ordered to give cuddles and... other things to a certain someone. Adult.

Nikki: *pokes at Wuffie, then Duo, just for the amusement of it*

Duo: *yelps*

Nikki: Oooooh! Yelp! Nice word... *pokes him again*

Duo: *yelps a bit louder*

Nikki: *pokepokepoke*

Duo: *yelps some more and takes to hiding under the table*

Nikki: *crawls under the table and grins at him* Here's a deal; amuse me enough and I stop poking you. *pokes*

Duo: But...*crawls away and sits on top of the table* what kinda entertainment?

Nikki: *follows him* Could involve... him *points at Trowa*... or I could just keep poking you until your reactions amuse me so much I fall over

Duo: Can I...entertain you by telling you I want a piercing? *grins broadly*

Nikki: *eyes go big and wide* Ooh!

Duo: 'm not sure where yet, but you can help me pii~iick.

Nikki: *bigggg eyes* I don't wanna do that! *scuttles away and hides, amused enough for the time being*

Duo: *follows* Why not? 's not like I'm gonna get one down there. *makes a face*

Nikki: *high voice* I don't like piercings in anywhere but ears, and even that not much, call me old fashioned!

Duo: Oh, bummer, I migh get one in my ears though, y'know, depending on how much Tro likes the ideas of lip or tongue.

Nikki: *pokes at Duo* *whines* Amuse me, and not by talking about something that makes me shudder!

Duo: Er...well, there's something I've been wondering about that you might know.

Nikki: Hmmmm?

Duo: Is Heero a screamer?

Nikki: Sometimes. ^_^

Duo: Sweet. Knowledge is power. So when're Heero and Q gonna go on that honeymoon of theirs anyway?

Nikki: They're gone. Harhar!

Duo: I am so behind on people it's not even funny, why doesn't anyone ever tell me anythiiiiiiiing?

Nikki: Because Heero is tactless and Quatre is not using LiveJournal or anything at the moment?

Duo: Fine. *pouts* Now I can stop wondering about more pictures of the wedding too

Nikki: They're getting done soon~ Supposedly when Hee-chan picks up the developed photos~

Duo: Cool, but that'll be when they're home and that's, like, in January and then Tro and me are probably still visiting his sister. Dude. No fun. D:

Nikki: *pats*

Nikki: Maybe you need more consoling...? *not pointing in Trowa's direction, honest!*

Duo: *smiles* You sneaky little thing.

Nikki: Me?

Duo: Yes, you.

Nikki: Why?

Duo: Consoling. And not pointing at Tro.

Nikki: Would you rather I did point at Trowa then?

Duo: Well, ah, unless you've got some way to console me too?

Nikki: *confused* Oh go cuddle him damn it. He's pretty. You're pretty. So go and be pretty together.

Duo: *grins* Sure thing, ma'am. *runs over to Trowa, tackling him with a big hug*

Trowa: Oof. What's that for? *hugs him back, nearly falling over*

Duo: Was ordered to cuddle you, thought it was a good idea. *wraps his arms around Trowa's neck and kisses his neck*

Trowa: Since when does she have authority over you? *hugs him tightly*

Nikki:*sneaks out to leave the prettiness to be pretty*

Duo: She has good ideas too. *smiles and buries his face in Trowa's shoulder* Hey, you smell nice.

Trowa: *blinks* ... Right.

Duo: You do, really. *cuddles a bit closer*

Trowa: *smiles rather bemusedly* If you say so.

Duo: *laughs quietly and rolls his eyes, kissing Trowa's throat lightly*

Trowa: *sighs softly and tips his head back a little*

Duo: *runs the tip of his tongue up to Trowa's jaw, cupping his cheek to pull him closer for a kiss*

Trowa: *kisses him back softly, closing his eyes*

Duo: *smiles and takes a step back, pulling Trowa along to the nearest couch*

Trowa: *follows him, keeping his arms around him*

Duo: *puts his hands on Trowa's hips and pulls him down next to him as he sits down in the couch*

Trowa: *smiles slightly and snuggles up to him*

Duo: *kisses him softly and leaves his arms around him, nuzzling at his neck*

Trowa: *kisses back, still smiling softly*

Duo: *cuddles up to Trowa, putting his head on his shoulder* This is nice.

Trowa: *kisses the top of Duo's head lightly* Yeah, it is.

Duo: *closes his eyes and lets his fingers walk across Trowa's chest*

Trowa: *smiles, relaxed, and quietly reaches up and folds his fingers over Duo's, holding his hand still gently*

Duo: *laughs quietly and threads his fingers with Trowa's, not letting him get away as he pulls his hand closer to softly kiss his knuckles*

Trowa: *sighs happily and reaches out with his other hand to brush Duo's hair out of his face, breathing the words very quietly* I love you.

Duo: *smiles and leans in to Trowa's hand, brushing his lips over his cheek* Love you too.

Trowa: *smiles back* It's nice without the cadets on the base, so much quieter.

Duo: Hmhm, definitely, more of you for me too. *kisses his temple* By the way, I got vacation time for visiting Catherine.

Trowa: *smiles* We do quite well even when the cadets are here. That's good, she's looking forward to seeing us.

Duo: We do, we do, but still, more you makes me happy. Where's it going to be again, Spain, right?

Trowa: More me makes me happy too. *cheeky grin* Yeah, Spain, that's where the circus is. *laughs softly* Catherine wants me to perform with the circus... she doesn't have much chance of that.

Duo: Cool, christmas in warm weather. *smiles* Why not? Afraid you lost your touch?

Trowa: Haven't practised anything, so of course I won't be able to do it. She has way too much faith in my ability. *smiles slightly*

Duo: Isn't all that circus stuff like riding a bike then? Once you learn, you never forget? Besides, *kisses at his chest* it's not like you're out of shape.

Trowa: I don't think I've forgotten so much as gotten a little... rusty. *laughs*

Duo: So join in on a few rehearsals, practice a bit while we're still home, you'll be fine.

Trowa: You're determined to make me perform in a circus again to help Catherine, aren't you? *laughs softly* I guess I will do it, if you think I should.

Duo: Myeah, a little. Don't you think it'd be fun? And did I ever mention you look hot in that outfit you wear when you're on the tightrope? *runs the tip of a finger down Trowa's jaw*

Trowa: I'll make sure to practice on the tight rope then, somehow. *smiles and kisses Duo softly* And no, you've never mentioned that.

Duo: I'll hang a clothesline between a few trees for you. *laughs softly, kissing back* Well, I have now, haven't I?

Trowa: *laughs softly* Alright, then. And yeah, you have now.

Duo: *nips at Trowa's neck* We're not gonna have much privacy when we're there, I suppose?

Trowa: I don't know really, I'm sure we _can_ find ourselves privacy though. Apparently we'll have to share a single bed, but I didn't think you'd mind. *grins*

Duo: Are you thinking kinky here? *raises an eyebrow* And as it is, it happens that I don't mind at all.

Trowa: See, it's your mind that automatically jumps to kinky, not just mine. *grins* Oh good.

Duo: True, but were you? *leers at him*

Trowa: Maaaaaybe.

Duo: Hm, you've got me curious. Tell me more?

Trowa: *little sigh* Too curious for your own good, you are. And don't tell me you can't think of things my mind _might_ have come up with.

Duo: *presses his lips to Trowa's cheek* But you have so much more _experience_ with the circus.

Trowa: Ah, but when I was there, until I met you at least, I didn't think about anything in even a slightly kinky context.

Duo: *mock gasps* You were not normal! *laughs very softly and kisses him lightly* I'm sure we'll find something or other.

Trowa: I was just.... detached, how about that one? *kisses back softly* Hm, with your dirty little mind I'm sure we can. *grins*

Duo: Detached is fine. MY dirty little mind? You mean ours, you're just as corrupted as I am!

Trowa: *nuzzles Duo gently* Fine, fine, our dirty minds.

Duo: *smiles and tips his head back* We just...really need to make sure your sister doesn't catch us.

Trowa: I dunno, giving Catherine an insight into our lives... *laughs softly, kissing Duo's neck softly*

Duo: Oh, ew, gross. *bats at Trowa's shoulder, but not pushing him away*

Trowa: I'm joking, of course. *bites Duo's neck gently, almost possessively*

Duo: I'd hope so....*trails off and mewls quietly, arching his back*

Trowa: *licks soothingly at the bite and then sits up a bit, kissing Duo*

Duo: *kisses back, tightening his arms around Trowa's waist and pressing closer to him*

Trowa: *slides his arms round Duo again, pulling him fully against him*

Duo: *kisses Trowa deeply, wrapping one of his legs around him*

Trowa: *kisses back, pulling him into his lap and leaning back against the sofa*

Duo: *drops kisses all over Trowa's neck and shoulders and crawls a bit closer*

Trowa: *tips his head back a bit, still pulling Duo a little bit closer, as if he can't get close enough*

Duo: *nips at Trowa's neck and nibbles his way up to his ear, freeing his arms and placing his hands on Trowa's chest to hold him back against the couch*

Trowa: *groans softly, shutting his eyes and tipping his head back a little more*

Duo: *smiles and runs the tip of his tongue back down Trowa's ear and neck while slowly rubbing himself against his thigh*

Trowa: *gasps softly, opening his eyes to look at Duo* How come you can complain about what a tease I am, but you tease even more than I do?

Duo: Eh...I don't like competition? *bites at Trowa's shoulder and rolls his hips again, groaning quietly*

Trowa: But I'm not competition. *moans, reaching out to drag Duo closer and bring his head up for a kiss*

Duo: *kisses him back, hands moving from Trowa's chest to his stomach and slipping under his shirt*

Trowa: *gets Duo's shirt off and then buries his face in his shoulder, nipping at his skin*

Duo: *moans softly and moves his hands up higher, dragging his nails over Trowa's skin*

Trowa: *arches his back a little, reaching up to rub his thumb over one of Duo's nipples*

Duo: *moans again, louder and leans closer to kiss Trowa before ridding him of his shirt as well*

Trowa: *kisses back eagerly, running his fingers downDuo's backbone*

Duo: *arches his back again and shivers with a small laugh, slipping down to explore Trowa's chest with his mouth*

Trowa: *leans back a little, smiling*

Duo: *circles his tongue around one of Trowa's nipples and tugs gently at it with his teeth*

Trowa: *moans at that, slipping his fingers into Duo's hair slowly*

Duo: *turns his attentions to Trowa's other nipple and lets one of his hands drop lower to his hipbone*

Trowa: *moans again softly, reaching down to rub his fingers over Duo's nipples again, pinching gently*

Duo: *groans and slips a hand into Trowa's pants, dragging his lips down Trowa's chest*

Trowa: *leans back a little more, trying to press forward into Duo's hand*

Duo: *dips his tongue in Trowa's navel and pulls his hand back to open Trowa's pants*

Trowa: *wriggles a little at Duo's tongue in his navel*

Duo: *chuckles and bites gently at Trowa's stomach, pulling his pants down at the same time*

Trowa: *groans a little at the bite, lifting his hips and wriggling a bit to help get his pants off*

Duo: *pulls Trowa's underwear off as well and slips down a bit further, nuzzling at his hip*

Trowa: *raises an eyebrow, trying and failing to look unaffected* And you call _me_ a tease when I do that?

Duo: Hmmm, yes? *takes Trowa's cock in his hands and runs his tongue up along its length*

Trowa: *closes his eyes with a moan* You do the same, as I think I've already pointed out...

Duo: Can't help it, it's in my nature. *wraps his lips around the tip of his cock and sucks*

Trowa: *moans again, pushing up into Duo's mouth eagerly* I suppose I'm supposed to forgive you, then, right?

Duo: *slightly muffled* Could always punish me. *goes further down on him, tongue wrapping around him eagerly*

Trowa: If I punished you, you might stop doing that... *laughs softly, but trails off into a moan*

Duo: *pulls back* I might. *licks some precum off the head of Trowa's cock, swallows and goes down on him as far as he can*

Trowa: Don't.... *groans loudly and runs his hands through Duo's hair, resting his hands against his scalp*

Duo: Hmm? *pulls back with a breathy laugh and swiftly goes down again, bobbing his head in a steady rhythm*

Trowa: Don't stop... *smiles slightly, head falling back and breathing hard*

Duo: *hums a reply and focuses on what he's doing, one of his hands coming down as well to finger Trowa's balls*

Trowa: *moans, thrusting his hips forward a little*

Duo: *sucks hard once more and pulls back, licking his lips, crawling back up to kiss Trowa*

Trowa: *moans* Little tease. *kisses back*

Duo: *grins and kisses the tip of his nose* Well, I couldn't have you coming till you're nice and deep inside of me, now I could I?

Trowa: *laughs softly and wrinkles his nose a bit* Maybe not, but you're _still_ a tease....

Duo: Aw shucks. *sticks out his tongue and kisses him again*

Trowa: *kisses back, pulling Duo close*

Duo: *snuggles closer, straddling Trowa's lap and pressing against him*

Trowa: *reaches down to undo Duo's pants and slip his hand inside*

Duo: *groans and lays his head on Trowa's shoulder, wrapping his arms around his neck*

Trowa: *strokes Duo's erection through his boxers, kissing his neck lightly*

Duo: *gasps and bites at Trowa's neck to keep from groaning quite loudly and pushes his hips into his hand*

Trowa: *pulls his hand out of Duo's pants and quickly pushes the pants off, then Duo's boxers*

Duo: *sits back and takes the rest of his clothes off, throwing them to the ground, getting back on his knees once they're gone and rubbing himself against Trowa*

Trowa: *kisses Duo, gasping as he rubs against him*

Duo: *kisses him back and groans again, lowering one hand to grip Trowa's cock again*

Trowa: *groans at Duo's hand and speaks impatiently* You mentioned me coming nice and deep inside you? *grins*

Duo: *smiles and nods enthusiastically, leaning close to kiss Trowa hungrily*

Trowa: *smiles back, burying his face in Duo's shoulder, nipping lightly as he pulls Duo towards him, reaching down to position himself at Duo's entrance*

Duo: *tips back his head and lowers himself slightly, closing his eyes and panting softly*

Trowa: *rests his hands on Duo's hips, pulling him down a little, a little groan escaping him*

Duo: *puts his hands on Trowa's shoulders and lowers himself quickly until Trowa is completely seated inside of him, breathing hard and not moving for a second*

Trowa: *wraps his arms around Duo, holding him close and kissing him softly*

Duo: *kisses him back and slowly lifts himself up, moaning at the friction*

Trowa: *moans as well, thrusting his hips up into Duo*

Duo: Ah! Oh yess. *rolls his hips and wraps his legs around Trowa's waist*

Trowa: *grins, leaning back and pulling his hips back and then pushing back in*

Duo: *gasps again and tips his head back in pleasure, eyes open and staring at the ceiling, but not seeing anything*

Trowa: *leans forward again to kiss Duo's exposed throat, thrusting quickly and shallowly in and out of him*

Duo: *moans and cups Trowa's cheek, kissing him softly and whispering, between gasps* Maybe this'd -oh- be a little easier if I...if I was on my back.

Trowa: *kisses back, nodding slightly* Maybe *moans softly* it would.

Duo: *untangles his legs from around Trowa and lifts himself off him, scooting back a little and laying down on his back*

Trowa: *follows him, leaning down to kiss him as he thrusts slowly back into Duo*

Duo: *kisses back and spreads his legs a little wider, putting one foot on the floor to prevent losing his balance*

Trowa: *rests his forehead against Duo's as he thrusts in and out of him slowly and steadily*

Duo: *moans and raises his hips to match Trowa's pace, encouraging him to go fast*

Trowa: *smiles and thrusts faster, returning to the quick pace of before*

Duo: *smiles back at him and moans, putting his arms back around Trowa's neck to hold him close*

Trowa: *breathes heavily, drops kisses over Duo's face as he thrusts in and out*

Duo: *tightens his muscles around Trowa with a little smirk*

Trowa: *groans, faltering in his rhythm, kissing Duo's lips softly and whispering his lover's name*

Duo: *tugs at Trowa's lower lip with his teeth, kissing him back tenderly and raising his hips just so he'll hit his sweet spot*

Trowa: *muttering* You're... too damn gorgeous - mm - for your own good.... *groans again, thrusting harder and faster while reaching between them to stroke Duo's cock*

Duo: *smiles softly, but opens his mouth in a silent "o" as he feels Trowa's hand wrap around him*

Trowa: *closes his eyes, biting gently at Duo's shoulder while trying to keep a quick, steady rhythm of thrusting in and out*

Duo: *moans and turns his face to Trowa's to kiss him* Trowaaa...*closes his eyes tightly as his orgasm overtakes him*

Trowa: *kisses back a little roughly, thrusting only once more before reaching his own orgasm with a little choked sound supposed to be his lover's name*

Duo: *sighs softly in pleasure and wraps his legs around Trowa as well, cuddling close to him*

Trowa: *nuzzles Duo's neck, trying not to just collapse all his weight on top of him*

Duo: *hums softly and buries his face in Trowa's shoulder and speaks quietly* That was hot.

Trowa: *makes a soft noise of agreement*

Duo: *smiles and runs a hand down Trowa's back, nipping at his neck*

Trowa: *nuzzles Duo's ear gently, eyes closed contentedly*

Duo: *whispers* Love you. *draws meaningless patterns on Trowa's back*

Trowa: *smiles and whispers back* Love you too. *pushes himself up, pulling away* We'd better get cleaned up and stuff. Coming?

Duo: *makes a soft, satisfied noise as Trowa slips out of him and sits up* I thought I already came? *smiles and stands* When do we ever have sex in bed anyway?

Trowa: *laughs softly* Cheeky. *kisses him lightly* When we can't be bothered finding some other place to have sex?

Duo: True, bed's not exciting till I get new cuffs. *kisses back and takes his hands* Shower then?

Trowa: *nods slightly* Shower.

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