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A somewhat yaoi Gundam Wing roleplay

A Gundam Wing Roleplay
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This is a Gundam Wing roleplay, set about three months after Endless Waltz. If you want to join, take a look at which roles are still available, fill in the form and email it to nanashi_doukeshi@hotmail.com.
WARNING: this is a yaoi roleplay. While the focus lies on the lives of our characters, there are established 2x3x2 and 1x4x1 relationships. There is also a 5xR relationship. If you don't like yaoi or these pairings, it's best if you just leave.

Which character you want to play:
Your real name (or an online name, if you prefer):
Your actual LJ user name (if you have one):
Your e-mail address:
Have you ever roleplayed before? (If so, what did you roleplay?):
Write a paragraph or so, introducing yourself, in character:

-Update the journal regularly
-Be prepared to roleplay events or just pretty little scenes, once in a while at least
-Try to keep your personal relationship with other players out of roleplay

Heero Yuy - 01heeroyuy
Duo Maxwell - jadedyethopeful
Trowa Barton - noworknofood
Quatre Raberba Winner - glorifyingmeans
Chang Wufei - steelandsilk
Chang Wufei (during memory loss) - retrogade
Relena Peacecraft - i_hate_pink
Lady Une - roses_andpoison
Catherine Bloom - circuscatherine

Any other characters can be added when requested.

This community will be used to lure new members and to post notices and roleplay logs. Feel free to watch the community and our journals, as we will be happy to be friends with any and all.

Note: This roleplay is dead.