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A somewhat adult RP log

Heero: *comes in from the kitchen quietly, sneaking up to Quatre and then leans over the back of the sofa where Quatre is sitting, slipping his arms round Quatre's neck* I'd say 'guess who', but it's obvious. *drops a kiss on the top of Quatre's head, smiling*

Quatre: *tips his head back to look up at Heero and smiles, laying one of his hands on Heero's arm* Only a little.

Heero: *smiles, staying there for a moment longer before moving round the sofa and dropping down next to Quatre, snaking his arm round his waist* Doing the washing up is tiring and boring. *yawns to emphasize his point*

Quatre: *leans against Heero's side, tossing his magazine onto the low table in front of them* Should have told me, I'd have come help you.

Heero: I knew you would, so I saved you the boredom. *smiles slightly, leaning his head back and closing his eyes*

Quatre: *laughs softly* You'd rather be bored alone than with me? *pulls his legs up into the sofa and curls up against Heero's side*

Heero: I was saving you the boredom, like I said. *kisses Quatre's forehead softly* Besides, you distract me.

Quatre: How is that a bad thing? *puts an arm across Heero's stomach, cuddling closer and softly running his fingertips up and down Heero's arm*

Heero: *chuckles softly* It would take twice as long for me to do the washing up. Otherwise, not a bad thing at all.

Quatre: It's only washing up, not an emergency, not even all that important. *runs his fingers up to Heero's shoulder and back down his chest, smiling and watching the rise and fall of Heero's chest*

Heero: *smiles as well* There's that. *shifts closer to Quatre, enjoying his company as always*

Quatre: *sighs softly* I don't want to have to go to bed early to get up early tomorrow morning. *draws tiny circles on Heero's stomach* I just want to stay right here. *closes his eyes and buries his face in Heero's shoulder*

Heero: *hugs him tightly, reaching one hand up to stroke his hair lightly* You sound sad.

Quatre: No, *shakes his head slightly with a little smile* just not in the mood for work tomorrow.

Heero: Getting bored of it? *raises an eyebrow a little*

Quatre: *smiles a bit more and tips his head up to kiss Heero's jaw softly* Not that either, just don't feel like going in tomorrow.

Heero: Ahh. *smiles as well, tipping his head back slightly* I have to admit I won't want to get out of bed in the morning.

Quatre: We have sick days, why can't we have lazy days? *laughs quietly and nuzzles lightly at Heero's throat*

Heero: *laughs as well, and kisses Quatre softly* That's what weekends are for.

Quatre: *kisses back with a tiny happy sigh* Two days isn't enough, you know.

Heero: As far as spending time with you is concerned, a whole week off isn't enough. *smiles slightly, running his fingers through Quatre's hair*

Quatre: *leans into Heero's hand, turning his head slightly and kissing the inside of his wrist* But this course is almost over again, we'll have our own time then, won't we?

Heero: We will, for a few glorious weeks. *smiles* I'll get to monopolize your time as much as I like, and if I feel like staying in bed, I damned well will. *laughs softly*

Quatre: *smiles brightly at the thought of spending days just lounging in bed with Heero and leans in to kiss him again* Sounds wonderful.

Heero: *smiles back, liking the sight of Quatre smiling, and kisses him back* It _will_ be wonderful.

Quatre: Not a doubt about it. *trails a path of tiny kisses over Heero's face, cupping both his cheeks*

Heero: *smiles, tightening his arms round Quatre and leaning forward so their chests press together* Right.

Quatre: *throws one of his legs over Heero's, straddling him, and leans against him, wrapping his arms around his neck*

Heero: *leans his head against Quatre's shoulder, nuzzling against him*

Quatre: *drops a kiss on Heero's shoulder, closing his eyes and enjoying the moment of closeness*

Heero: *turns his head to kiss Quatre's neck lightly and nuzzle his neck*

Quatre: *laughs softly and squirms a little as Heero's soft touch tickles him, moving one of his hands to run through Heero's hair at the same time*

Heero: *laughs as well, trailing his kisses up over Quatre's jaw*

Quatre: *tips his head slightly, quietly asking for more, and runs his free hand down Heero's front*

Heero: *grazes his teeth against Quatre's skin lightly as he runs his mouth up along his jaw, then kisses him softly*

Quatre: *moans softly into the kiss, tightening his hand in Heero's hair, pulling him closer*

Heero: *deepens the kiss, pressing closer to Quatre*

Quatre: *kisses back, pushing back against Heero and finally pulling away* I don't think I mind going to bed anymore.

Heero: *laughs softly* Is that a hint?

Quatre: Only about as subtle as a ton of bricks, yes. *smiles and bumps his nose against Heero's*

Heero: *smirks slightly and stands up suddenly, his arms tight around Quatre, picking him up* Watch it, you. *smiles and kisses him lightly before carrying him over into the bedroom without much difficulty*

Quatre: *yelps in surprise and wraps his legs tightly around Heero, dropping kisses where ever he can reach, even biting softly at Heero's earlobe*

Heero: *moans softly* Careful, you'll make me drop you. *grins, turning off the lights and carrying Quatre into the bedroom, putting him down on the bed*

Quatre: *lies back and pulls Heero down on top of him, one of his legs still around him, bare foot running down the back of his thigh*

Heero: *kisses Quatre deeply, cupping his cheek with one hand*

Quatre: *kisses back eagerly, arching up slightly against Heero*

Heero: *pulls away from Quatre, moving futher onto the bed and then pulling Quatre against him, kissing him again and starting to get Quatre's shirt off*

Quatre: *lifts his arms over his head, pulling his shirt off in a single swift move and returning quickly to kiss Heero back*

Heero: *smiles, running his hands down Quatre's chest, still kissing him*

Quatre: *shivers slightly at Heero's touch and tugs at his shirt to remove it as well, still not breaking away from their kiss*

Heero: *gets his shirt off as quickly as possible, rolling to lay on his back and pulling Quatre on top of him*

Quatre: *smiles and leans closer, nipping at Heero's collarbone and working his way down his chest*

Heero: *gasps softly at the gentle nips, arching up slightly*

Quatre: *runs one of his hands down Heero's side, lightly dragging his nails over his skin and licking at one of his nipples with only the very tip of his tongue*

Heero: *groans, arching up more into Quatre, his eyes closing*

Quatre: *grazes his teeth over the sensitive skin and lowers his hand down to Heero's hip, playing with the beltloop on his pants*

Heero: *reaches down, fiddling for a moment and getting Quatre's pants undone, not in a teasing mood*

Quatre: *groans at the gentle pressure from Heero's hands, pressing his hips closer and raising his head to kiss Heero*

Heero: *kisses back, pushing Quatre's pants down a little, pushing them further down by catching his foot in the fabric*

Quatre: *gasps and moans, rubbing himself against Heero's leg to find some relief, burying his face in his shoulder*

Heero: *gently rubs his hand against Quatre, kissing him again*

Quatre: *moans louder, kissing back and fumbling to get his pants off as well*

Heero: *smirks at Quatre's fumbling, lifting his hips to help him and trailing kisses down his neck again, pausing for a minute to leave yet another lovebite*

Quatre: *tips his head back as he manages to get Heero's pants open and partly down his legs, the tip of his tongue sneaking out to wet his lips*

Heero: *nips lightly at Quatre's neck where he left the lovebite, tipping his head back up to kiss Quatre again*

Quatre: *whispers Heero's name breathily and lays down, partly on top of him, hips moving in small circles against him as he kisses back and wraps his hand firmly around Heero's arrousal*

Heero: *groans softly, pushing himself up into Quatre's hand slightly, wrapping an arm around his waist to hold him close*

Quatre: *drags his lips aways from Heero's, laughing softly in pleasure and sucking his earlobe into his mouth, not moving his hand, but squeezing gently*

Heero: *tips his head back, moaning softly again and saying Quatre's name quietly, almost pleadingly*

Quatre: *runs his teeth down Heero's neck and shoulder and moves his hand, starting out slowly, but quickening soon enough, all the while pushing himself up to straddle Heero's legs again*

Heero: *closes his eyes tightly, making soft, pleased sounds*

Quatre: *smiles, obviously pleased with himself, and scatters tiny kisses across Heero's chest before sitting back on his heels and taking one of his own fingers into his mouth*

Heero: *opens his eyes, watching him, reaching a hand to trail along Quatre's thighs*

Quatre: *makes a breathless happy sound at Heero's touch and slows his hand a little, moving a little lower to run the tips of his fingers over Heero's balls, now taking a second finger in his mouth and running his tongue over the both of them*

Heero: *moans again, softly, unable to take his eyes off Quatre*

Quatre: *smirks, just a little devious, and pulls his fingers out of his mouth, shifting a little and sitting up so that Heero can see him pushing one finger inside of himself*

Heero: *eyes widen, groaning softly again and whispering Quatre's name in the same almost pleading tone as before*

Quatre: *gasps softly and bucks his hips slightly, pushing in deeper eagerly and quickly adding a second finger, eyes still on Heero, but his expression now more wanton*

Heero: *sits up to get close enough to kiss Quatre, wrapping a hand gently around his erection and pumping him slowly as he prepares himself*

Quatre: *kisses him back, moaning softly, trying to push his hips further into Heero's hands and attempting to take his fingers deeper at the same time*

Heero: *still kissing him softly, reaches up to push Quatre's hair out of his eyes, his fingers tracing his cheekbones and sliding down the side of his face*

Quatre: *leans slightly into Heero's touch, eyes fluttering shut as he gasps again, and finally, reluctantly, pulls his fingers out*

Heero: *smiles at the expression on Quatre's face, kissing him lightly before leaning back again, his eyes somewhat hungry as he looks at Quatre*

Quatre: *kisses Heero back softly and opens his eyes again, matching his look while leaning forward some, hands on Heero's shoulders, holding him down a little*

Heero: *shifts slightly, impatiently, under Quatre's hold, flicking his tongue out to wet his lips briefly, looking up into Quatre's face*

Quatre: *smiles slightly, running one of his hands down Heero's front to take his cock and place at his opening, leaning down a little more to kiss Heero, pushing down on him at the same time*

Heero: *moans into the kiss, kissing back as his hips arch upwards into Quatre*

Quatre: *gasps harshly and sits up to take Heero even deeper, lips moving soundlessly, hands resting on Heero's chest*

Heero: *nearly closes his eyes, moaning softly in pleasure, then opens his eyes again to focus on Quatre's face*

Quatre: *slowly lifts his hips off Heero until he's almost completely off him and then slams down again with a tiny, quiet groan*

Heero: *gasps softly, reaching out one hand to put it on Quatre's hip, digging his nails in just a little, the other hand reaching for one of Quatre's*

Quatre: *repeats the move a few more times, a happy little smile on his lips and taking Heero's hand, twining their fingers*

Heero: *groans at Quatre's movements and sits up a little, supporting himself on one arm, squeezing Quatre's hand gently and leaning up to kiss him deeply*

Quatre: *shivers slightly and kisses Heero back, wrapping his arms around him and bouncing in his lap again, still smiling*

Heero: *leans further up, nipping at Quatre's earlobe gently before pulling back again, resting back on one elbow, his eyes taking in every inch of Quatre again*

Quatre: *sits still for a moment, panting softly and just slowly rolling his hips, running his fingertips all over Heero's chest and sides*

Heero: *rolls his hips up into Quatre's in a slow echo of his movements, also panting softly*

Quatre: *softly, still a little out of breath* Ohgod. *squeezes Heero's hand slightly and guides both their hands to his own erection, rocking his hips a little faster again*

Heero: *shifts his hand on top of Quatre's, moving both of them together to stroke Quatre's cock, rocking his hips up into Quatre gently*

Quatre: *moans, louder than before and arches his back, shutting his eyes tightly and moving a little faster still*

Heero: *moans as well, just softly, rocking his hips upwards to the same rhythm as Quatre, still keeping his eyes open to watch him*

Quatre: *slams down one more time and comes, rather suddenly, into their joined hands, still muttering, voice huskier than normal* OhGodHeero

Heero: *closes his eyes, rocking up into Quatre a few more times before coming inside him, moaning his name*

Quatre: *doesn't stop moving right away, but rolls his hips slowly again, making the feeling of bliss last just a bit longer while his hands roam all over Heero again, down his legs as far as he can reach, cupping his balls, over hips and back up*

Heero: *makes soft, pleased sounds, leaning up again to kiss Quatre, running a hand through his hair and pushing it back for him again, then whispering, softly* Love you.

Quatre: *smiles happily, stretching out as much as he can without actually moving from his place, and cuddles up to Heero, placing a soft kiss on his neck* Love you too.

Heero: *closes his eyes, still combing his fingers through Quatre's hair* You're amazing, you know.

Quatre: *hums softly in the afterglow, completely relaxed and draped all over Heero* Only because of you, love.

Heero: *makes a disagreeing noise, not having the energy to argue much, but curious* How could _I_ make _you_ amazing?

Quatre: *nuzzles at Heero's collarbone, laughing just a little* Because you love me.

Heero: *yawns softly, raising an eyebrow* I don't understand your logic. But, *kisses the top of Quatre's head* I'm too lazy and satisfied to argue logic right now.

Quatre: Good. *buries his face in Heero's shoulder and reaches down to pull the sheets up over them, closing his eyes already*

Heero: Mmm. *wraps an arm around Quatre's waist, taking the covers and pulling them comfortably around them, whispering softly* Sleep now. Sweet dreams, love.

Quatre: Sweet dreams. *yawns softly, already half asleep, snuggling just a bit closer*

Heero: *smiles, his own eyes drifting shut with a last, soft, lazy yawn*
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