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An RP log

Wufei: *quietly goes up the stairs, heading for Relena's room, his expression sad, relieved, apologetic and happy all at once* *opens the door to her room and watches her sleep for a minute, still not making a sound, before walking toward her bed and sitting down on its edge, looking down at Relena with a tender smile*

Relena: *shifts slightly in her sleep, not waking up yet*

Wufei: *lightly puts a hand on her arm and lies down next to her, his chest to her back and his head, bowed, touching against her shoulder as he whispers roughly* I'm so sorry.

Relena: *eyelids flutter, still mostly asleep, but moving back closer to Wufei slightly, her voice soft and sleepy, not even surprised and  she is obviously not really registering what's going on* Wufei...?

Wufei: *nods slightly* It's me. *moves his hand from her shoulder to drape his arm over her waist, ignoring the sheets that are still separating them*

Relena: *opens her eyes, more or less awake now, and turns quickly to face him, surprised* Wufei? I thought... *trails off, looking confused*

Wufei: You thought...? *props himself up on one elbow and brushes her hair out of her face with his other hand*

Relena: *looking at him with cautious, slightly pained, hope* Do you... remember?

Wufei: *nods again* I do and I'm so, so sorry. *cups her cheek, softly brushing the pad of his thumb over her cheekbone*

Relena: *closes her eyes, pushing the covers back from her and wrapping her arms tightly round Wufei, hiding her face in his shoulder, her expression relieved, worried and extremely happy, all at once, tears in her eyes once again, this time mostly from happiness, but she tries not to cry this time, as before* It's not your fault. I - I've missed you. I was afraid that... *trails off and just clings to him, tightly*

Wufei: *tightens his arm around her and brushes his lips over her temple, running a hand through her hair and closing his eyes, trying to grasp that he's really holding her in his arms again, whispering* I'm sorry I caused you pain, that I made you worry.

Relena: *half laughing through her slightly tearful state* I told you, it's not _your_ fault.

Wufei: *smiles slightly and kisses her cheek, pulling away slightly and looking into her eyes*

Relena: *smiles at him, her eyes wet, but genuinely very happy that he has remembered her*

Wufei: *leans in again and kisses her softly* So what were you so afraid of?

Relena: *kisses back softly, her voice very soft* That I'd do something wrong and you wouldn't - *chokes up for a second, then hides her face in his shoulder and whispers* That you wouldn't love me anymore when you remembered.

Wufei: *closes his eyes again, still smiling that same tender smile, and holds her close, running his fingers through her hair* I can't think of anything that could stop me from doing so. *presses his lips to her jaw* Ever.

Relena: *nods very slightly, smiling again* I hope nothing will ever make you eat those words, then.

Wufei: *snorts quietly* Not likely. *nuzzles at her temple, laughing very quietly* I can't believe I thought you had someone else.

Relena: *smiles slightly* I thought it was rather obvious there wasn't anyone else, personally.

Wufei: Well, I sure did *takes a lock of her hair between his fingers and tickles her nose with it* until I saw the pictures of Heero's wedding.

Relena: *wrinkles her nose at him, laughing softly* Oh, you saw them?

Wufei: Mhm *nods and trails the tips of her hair down her throat* Earlier tonight. You look as if you're on a whole other plane of existence in some of them. *smiles teasingly*

Relena: *snorts softly* Is that the polite term for stoned? I don't like most of them, with me on them at least, though the ones of all three bridesmaids are nice.

Wufei: You look beautiful nonetheless. *winds the lock of hair around his finger*

Relena: *smiles softly* Thank you.

Wufei: *kisses her lightly again* Now this, I missed.

Relena: *smiles still, kissing him back* Not as much as I did.

Wufei: For which I'm still sorry, my fault or not.

Relena: *smiles and puts her hand on his cheek, leaning her forehead against his* I'm just happy you let me help you, be close to you, even when you didn't remember me.

Wufei: Just goes to show that even if I don't know you, I still can't refuse you anything.

Relena: And to prove that I do have you wrapped around my little finger, whether you're admitting it or not.

Wufei: *smiles a little and kisses the tip of Relena's nose* Perhaps just a little.

Relena: *snorts softly* Just a _little_, indeed.

Wufei: The tiniest bit. *smiles a bit broader and drops a kiss on her cheek*

Relena: *smiles back at him, a little sleepy again now, comfortable* I don't wanna get up for training today... *yawns softly*

Wufei: Maybe I shouldn't have woken you up so early, hmm? *pulls the covers up around her* You should go, though.

Relena: *smiling slightly, burrowing closer to him* Nuh-uh, it's not that, I'm just comfortable and don't feel like letting you out of my sight for a while now. Although, I really should go, or Heero will exact revenge on me the next chance he gets.

Wufei: *chuckles softly* Then how about this...I get a clean uniform, go check in with Une and spend the rest of the day watching the new recruits being trained?

Relena: Hmm... *smiles and kisses him softly* Acceptable, barely. *yawns* Which means I shall have to mess about looking for hair pins. *snuggles into his shoulder* But, not yet. I'm going to enjoy having you back here for a while now.
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