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An RP log

Relena: *goes up to Wufei's room, intending to tell him that Heero gave her the photographs of his wedding to show him, and knocks on the door*

Wufei: *sits on his bed, reading quietly, and looks up at the knocking* Yes?

Relena: *smiles slightly* Can I come in for a minute?

Wufei: Yes, of course. *puts his book down, preparing to, finally, maybe, discuss that kiss*

Relena: *goes in, shutting the door behind her and leaning against it with a smile* How are you today?

Wufei: I'm fine, actually, didn't dream about the war again, so I managed to sleep some too. *smiles slightly*

Relena: That's a good thing, then. *curiously* Remember much?

Wufei: No details, but it seems like quite a bit, yes.

Relena: *smiles again* Well, hopefully you'll remember everything else soon then.

Wufei: I hope so too. *gets up from his bed* So what can I help you with?

Relena: *shrugs, having forgotten about the photos for now* I just wanted to see how you were, really.

Wufei: Ah, well, I thought that we should, maybe, erm, talk about what happened...

Relena: Oh... *blushes slightly, looking at the floor*

Wufei: If you don't want to, that's okay, just that *looks down at his hands, embarrassed*

Relena: *sits down on the floor, tucking her legs under her and getting comfortable* Just that? Don't worry, it's fine, I suppose we should talk about it.

Wufei: *sits down across of her, leaning against his bed, not looking very at ease* That's what I thought.

Relena: *smiles slightly, encouraging him to speak and hoping to set him at ease* What did you want to say about it?

Wufei: I, ah...I'm sorry for upsetting you like that. I didn't mean to and I went too far.

Relena: *looks up at him, going for the leap of faith* I wasn't upset that you kissed me; I was more upset that you ran away.

Wufei: Yes...Yuy told me as much, but I still shouldn't have crossed that line. You have someone already, I should respect that.

Relena: *shakes her head and says softly* I don't have someone already, Wufei.

Wufei: But...*frowns* But there's men's clothes hanging over a chair in your room, there's shoes that are definitely not yours in the closet down here and then, all those things you've said about  being with someone but them being out of your life right now.

Relena: *looks down* The person who left the things here is "out of my life" right now, they went on a Preventers mission and they haven't come back. *speaking the truth, but a rather selective  version of it*

Wufei: Exactly, the fact that they're not here doesn't give me the right to do anything like I did.

Relena: *still looking down at the floor, shakes her head briefly and then stands up* I didn't mind you kissing me, and there's no real reason why you shouldn't, but I don't think I'll convince you of  that. I'm... going to go to bed now, I'm tired. *smiles very slightly and goes out of the room, heading for her own bedroom*

Wufei: *gets up and hurries after her, grabbing her wrist as she's about to enter her own room* Relena, I...I didn't mind kissing you either.

Relena: *turns to him and smiles a little more than before* Good.

Wufei: Just thought I should say that, maybe. *lets go of her wrist and takes a step back*

Relena: *smiles at him and nods* It's good to know. *hesitates, not wanting to just turn and go into her room*

Wufei: And if you really don't mind, I guess I could...*steps forward again, closer to her than before*

Relena: *looks into his eyes with another smile and nods, just a little nod, closing her eyes softly*

Wufei: *cups her cheek lightly, leaning in and kissing her softly, closing his eyes as well*

Relena: *kisses back this time, very softly,smiling somewhat wistfully beneath the kiss*

Wufei: *pulls away with a tiny sigh after a few seconds, leaving his hand on her cheek just a little longer*

Relena: *smiles at him, still a bit wistfully, her soft sigh matching his*

Wufei: *opens his eyes again, smiling gently and dropping his hand from her cheek* I guess we should sleep now...

Relena: Yeah. Sweet dreams. *smiling, nods and leans up to give him another, very light kiss, before pulling away and going through into her room, shutting the door quietly behind her*

Wufei: *stands in the same place for a second longer, looking quite amazed, before going back to his own room and an attempt at sleep*

-Relena xxx
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