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An RP log

Wufei: *comes downstairs, to the kitchen to have some coffee after waking up from a horribly vivid and violent nightmare*

Relena: *came home late and so has not gone to bed yet, and on hearing Wufei in the kitchen goes in, leaning against the doorframe and watching him* *speaks softly* Are you okay?

Wufei: *looks up, surprised, as he hears her, having failed to notice her as she came in* *answers just as softly* Yeah, I'm fine, just...can't sleep.

Relena: *sweeps her eyes over his face and raises an eyebrow* So you drink coffee, which might well keep you awake?

Wufei: Ah...*shrugs slightly, knowing well enough that he's been busted* I didn't feel like sleeping anymore, anyway?

Relena: If you didn't, why are you phrasing it as a question? *crosses the room to look at him closer* Something woke you up?

Wufei: *hops onto the counter to sit there, leaving his coffee for what it is* You could put it that way.

Relena: *her eyes still searching his face, concerned* Come and sit in the living room and tell me about it. *goes back through the door, expecting him to follow*

Wufei: *sighs and hops back off the counter, following Relena to the living room, willing to do a lot of things that don't involve sleeping right now*

Relena: *sits down on the sofa, and indicates the seat next to her, tucking her legs up under her* Nightmare? Or just a weird dream?

Wufei: *obediently sits down next to her, crossing his legs and leaning back a little, still speaking quietly* Nightmare.

Relena: *twists to face him a bit more* What... was it about?

Wufei: *lays his head back against the couch, gazing up at nothing in particular* I don't know, I don't have a clue about who or what or where.

Relena: *sighs* What happened in it? If you want to talk about it, that is... *moves a bit closer, putting a comforting hand on his arm*

Wufei: *half shrugs, still somewhat upset at what he dreamt, even if he doesn't really believe that it's real* There was...fighting, explosions everywhere, so many mobile suits, like nothing I've  ever seen before...*trails off, tilting his head slightly to look at her, trying to gauge her reaction*

Relena: *closes her eyes for a moment and then opens them, not at all liking the thought of Wufei having to relive the war in his dream* That's what the war was like. So many mobile suits, with  no pilots, just computers... the pilots fought in that. But Heero could explain that better than me, I - *breaks off and reaches for him, hugging him fiercely tight, speaking very softly now* I've had  nightmares about the war, about the pilots, two of them especially, dying, and I wouldn't ever wish them on anyone.

Wufei: *leans into the hug, putting one arm loosely around her as well, forgetting about any possible objections* I don't think anybody died, but I'm not sure, it was as if I saw it all from a first  person point of view. *closes his eyes* And there was screaming, so much screaming.

Relena: *softly* Yes, that's what the war was like. You saw it... from the point of view of a mobile suit pilot? *tightens her arms just a little*

Wufei: I don't know, I might have, but it looked as if I was up higher, as if I was bigger and stronger than a simple mobile suit. *puts one of his hands over hers and threads their fingers without  even thinking about it*

Relena: *looks up into his eyes, her own eyes dark and serious* Talk to Heero tomorrow.

Wufei: *frowns, turning toward her, letting go of her hand* Why?

Relena: I think I know what you dreamed, *looks down* But I'm no pilot and it's not my place to help you work out that dream. I might think I know, but I don't understand like Heero or Trowa or  Quatre or Duo would. I was a part of the peace effort, not the fighting. *looks up again, her eyes still serious* Please talk to Heero, and don't ask me anymore.

Wufei: *shrugs slightly, assuming that Heero will indeed be able to answer his questions and not at all sad about not thinking about his dream for a moment longer* *leans his head against  Relena's shoulder, still keeping his arm around her*

Relena: *hugs him tightly again, trying to comfort him as best as she can*

Wufei: *puts his other arm around her as well, simply staring ahead of him, tired, but not yet daring to close his eyes*

Relena: *pulls back a little, running one hand up and down his arm in a soothing way, leaning up slightly to kiss his forehead gently* If you want to go to sleep, I'll stay with you, and wake you up  if you get into a nightmare again.

Wufei: No, thank you, I think I'll stay awake a while longer, if you don't mind. *keeps his head on her shoulder, splaying his fingers on her arm*

Relena: Then I'll stay awake with you. *smiles slightly, glad he isn't awkward about her comforting him*

-Relena xxx
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