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An RP log

Relena: *comes in cold and tired, late, and goes into the main downstairs room, flopping down on the sofa and closing her eyes*

Wufei: *joins her in the room a second later, having been waiting for her, and sits down in the chair opposite of her, quiet and not as sure of himself as he was just a moment ago*

Relena: *opens her eyes, smiling easily, hoping Wufei isn't still mentally yelling at himself* Hey.

Wufei: Hi. *smiles back shyly, wondering what he should say, forgetting the words he'd carefully prepared*

Relena: *smiling a bit more, sitting up to unlace her boots* I thought training was never going to end today, Trowa decided that we weren't doing things right so we had endless reruns through it. *rolls her eyes, pulling one boot off and dropping it on the floor*

Wufei: Habit and experience are the best teachers. *nods* Endless and boring repetition is often safer than learning something once and then not getting it right when necessary.

Relena: *nods, yawning softly and dropping the other boot* I know, at least we'll all get it right next time.

Wufei: *smiles slightly, clasping his hands in his lap and looking at her from underneath his lashes, wondering if he should mention last night now or wait a bit longer*

Relena: *stretches out on the sofa, already sounding sleepy* Did you have a good day?

Wufei: *shrugs* It was nothing special, I didn't do much but read and sit outside, as usual.

Relena: Mmmhmm. *closes her eyes again, relaxing, almost asleep thanks to her tiring day*

Wufei: *looks down at his hands, trying to make up his mind* Relena...I think we, ah, should perhaps talk about what happened yesterday.

Relena: *has fallen asleep already, her breathing soft and even*

Wufei: *looks up when she doesn't answer and sighs softly as he sees her sleeping on the sofa*

Wufei: *crosses the short distance between them and kneels by her, gently brushing her hair out of her face, smiling wryly* *slips, after a moment, his arms around her, picking her up to carry her to her room and a proper bed*

Relena: *still asleep, snuggles a little into Wufei's hold, smiling in her sleep*

Wufei: *carefully makes his way up the stairs, looking down at her occasionally with a gentle expression* *opens the door to her room with a little difficulty and makes his way in, laying her in the middle of the bed and covering her with one of the blankets*

Relena: *still sleeping peacefully, still smiling as if she can sense Wufei's presence*

Wufei: *leans over her for a second longer, lightly brushing a knuckle down her cheek and, after a moment's hesitation, pressing an even lighter kiss to her forehead before pulling away*

Wufei: *looks around the room as he leaves and frowns as he notices that the clothes draped over the back of a chair are not only men's clothes, but that they're also very similar to his own clothes* *whispers quietly* Yuy was wrong, there _is_ someone and I remind her of him.
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