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An RP log

Quatre: *taking a seat in the couch, sitting on the edge and leaning forward, closer to Relena* So what actually happened?

Relena: Like I told you. *sighs, sitting on the floor again* He thought he'd upset me, I went over to tell him that was okay, I kissed him on the forehead, said I'd always be there to talk if he needed, and then he kissed me.

Heero: *leaning against the wall by the door, looking as if he is dearly wishing he could go talk to Wufei, but also knowing he can't really blame Wufei for Relena feeling bad now*

Quatre: Just like that? And then he ran off? *puts a hand on Relena's shoulder*

Relena: *nods, closing her eyes* Just like that, and then he ran, said he was sorry.

Quatre: *squeezes her shoulder gently* ...Did you say anything?

Relena: *shakes her head slightly* I was too... shocked, I guess.

Heero: *leaving the door to go and kneel beside Relena, hugging her tightly, not knowing what to say*

Quatre: Maybe he just misunderstood that, then. *nods slightly*

Relena: I don't know what I should do. *returning Heero's hug, feeling calmer* Should I talk to him? Wait for his memories to return?

Quatre: Maybe talking would be easiest, I can imagine he's feeling very confused, maybe even upset right now. *shrugs slightly*

Heero: I don't know if it would be a good idea to talk to him *pulls back from Relena slightly, unsticking strands of her hair from her wet cheeks and pushing it back behind her ears, somewhat clumsily* until you know for certain all the things you want to say to him, and until you're sure you won't mess anything up by telling him them. If you're not certain, he might not believe you. I could go up there, talk to him, reassure him somewhat, but I don't know if that would work or be a good idea. *shrugs slightly*

Relena: *shrugs slightly* If you want to, maybe you should, you are his friend. *smiling slightly at Heero's attempts to help her feel better*

Quatre: That could be a good idea. *looks up at Heero with a smile*

Heero: *smiles back at him, pulling Relena up and pushing her onto the sofa gently* Don't worry about it too much, Lena, I'll talk to him. *smiles again at Quatre and goes out of the room, heading up the stairs and knocking on the door to the room he knows is Wufei's*

Wufei: *opens the door, just a crack, and looks Heero over before opening the door further and letting him in, looking rather tired*

Heero: *raises an eyebrow* Are you okay, Wufei?

Wufei: I'm...yes, fine, fine. *goes back to his seat by the window*

Heero: *leaning against the closed door* You don't look fine. What happened? Don't worry, I'm not here to kill you or anything.

Wufei: I don't feel too great, that's all. *still avoids the topic of what happened earlier that evening

Heero: *crossing the room to stand in front of Wufei, not threateningly, more as a friend* Why not?

Wufei: If you're here, you probably already know. *shrugs and keeps looking out the window, despite the fact that it's already dark and there's nothing to see*

Heero: She's upset, too. *reaches out, putting a hand on Wufei's shoulder* She wanted to come and talk to you, but I thought she should think about it more before she did. She's not angry, she doesn't have any bad feelings towards you. Why did you run away from her?

Wufei: You're kidding, right? She froze, didn't say a word then and hasn't spoken to me yet. *turns in his seat to look at Heero* I shouldn't have kissed her, she has someone else.

Heero: *raises an eyebrow* Wufei, people do tend to freeze when surprised. She wasn't expecting you to kiss her; whether she wanted you to at that moment or not, I don't know, but she wasn't expecting you to. And, *slightly puzzled for a moment, and then understanding* she doesn't have anyone in her life right now. *carefully avoiding telling Wufei the full truth*

Wufei: Alright, even if she only didn't react out of surprise, I can't believe she doesn't have someone else. I mean *gets up from his seat, pacing to the bed and back* She said she's with someone, but he's out of her life right now, she hasn't always lived alone here, there are shoes in the closet downstairs that are definitely not hers...maybe she just didn't tell you.

Heero: *sighs* Wufei... it's not my place to explain those things. Just, she isn't mad with you, she didn't mind you kissing her, and no one is going to come after you for kissing her.

Wufei: Fine, alright. I was still an idiot for doing it. I don't know what I was thinking. *throws his arms up at the ceiling in frustration*

Heero: Something along the lines of wanting to kiss her, I imagine. *smiles slightly* Why has kissing her made you into an idiot? *raises an eyebrow*

Wufei: She has someone else, she was _not_ expecting it, even if she isn't mad with me, I don't think I want to know what she _does_ think of me.

Heero: *shrugs slightly* Ask her. *crosses his arms across his chest, rolling his eyes* You're obviously not going to believe it from me.

Wufei: *sits down on the edge of his bed* I might, if she'll talk to me, but maybe not right now.

Heero: Then when? If you leave it too long, both of you will feel bad about it.

Wufei: Tomorrow maybe, I'll see. *shrugs, leaning his arms on his knees*

Heero: *narrows his eyes* Do.

Wufei: *looks up at Heero, raising an eyebrow* Or what?

Heero: I don't know yet, I'll think about that. But, seriously, _talk_ to her.

Wufei: Yeah, sure, I'll talk to her. *bows his head again, looking down at his hands*

Heero: *squats down to see Wufei's face better* Why _did_ you kiss her?

Wufei: Hell if I know, I just felt like I should.

Heero: *nods slightly* Don't feel ashamed of it then. *smiles slightly* Maybe your subconscious is telling you something.

Wufei: *frowns at Heero* What are you saying?

Heero: *shrugs slightly, sitting himself more comfortably on the floor* What do you think of Relena?

Wufei: Explain what you're saying and I'll answer. *pulls his legs up under him, still frowning*

Heero: *shrugs slightly* What do you feel about her? Do you like her?

Wufei: *keeps glaring at Heero, not relenting and crossing his arms*

Heero: *rolls his eyes* I don't have the answers to your questions, you know. Only you know what's going on in your own head. Maybe your subconscious is telling you that you've wanted to kiss her before. *shrugs*

Wufei: Hm. *nods, hardly satisfied with Heero's answer* And as for your question...I don't know what I feel about her, she's been very kind to me, patient as well and from when we've talked...she has ideals, goals, she's...admirable.

Heero: *nodding* Yes, she is. Make sure you talk to her. *changing the subject slightly* How's the amnesia?

Wufei: I will, I will. *shrugs, scooting a little further onto the bed*  Not much different, Relena's told me about things like the war and gundams and Preventers, but I don't remember anything.

Heero: *nods* It'd be best if you didn't ask Lena about that. Ask one of the pilots. I'm the one probably least affected by it. During the war, Trowa lost his memories, so this is probably an unwelcome reminder for him. Duo, well, he doesn't want to think about war. Quatre... *shrugs*

Wufei: I'll let you know if I have any questions. *nods* Thank you.

Heero: You're welcome. *smiles slightly and nods back*

Wufei: *stays quiet for a moment, gazing into empty space* Why are you here anyway?

Heero: If you mean why am I talking to you, not downstairs with Quatre and Lena, because I wanted to talk to you.

Wufei: No, why are you here, in this house, Relena didn't say anything about anybody dropping by.

Heero: She was upset after you ran off. *shrugs slightly* She called us, I offered to come round, Quatre came too.

Wufei: Oh, *nods quietly in understanding* makes sense, I guess.

Heero: *smiles slightly* I always did have a soft spot for Lena. Threatened to kill her so many times... never did.

Wufei: *laughs quietly* She mentioned something like that and then how protective you were when I first met you, well, for a moment I thought _you_ were her boyfriend, but then...

Heero: People often make that mistake, until they see me with Quatre. But by the time I figured out that girls weren't the root of all evil, she'd moved on, and I was busy trying to catch Quatre's attention. *chuckles softly* I think of her as a kind of sister really... never known a "real" family.

Wufei: *smiles slightly* Must be nice. I haven't got any siblings either and my parents, well, we're not exactly close. There's just my uncle.

Heero: I guess Lena has become somewhat of a sister to all the pilots, probably most to Duo and me. *smiles back* She likes to be close, help people.

Wufei: He did seem close to her as well and it seems to be a big part of her personality, that attitude.

Heero: *nods, glad Wufei seems happy to talk at the moment* She's too considerate, she should have called me when we heard you were in hospital, but I had a headache so she didn't.

Wufei: Sounds typical enough. *chuckles softly* Only two people could come, though, since I was, apparently, on intensive care then.

Heero: Yeah. *nods* I'd have liked to have known though. Still, I suppose I wouldn't have woken up with the amount of painkillers I had in me. *looks a little... unhappy about that, and wonders how to change the subject*

Wufei: *doesn't comment on the painkillers, having been told about Heero's illness* You were here in the morning, though, which is just as well, since I doubt I was decent company the night before.

Heero: *nods* There was that.

Wufei: *looks out the window, into the darkness, again* I think I'd like to sleep, if you don't mind.

Heero: Of course. *stands up* Me and Quatre should probably go, too, and send Relena to bed. Training tomorrow, for her, teaching for me and Quatre. *turns and heads out of the room* I'll talk to you soon. *goes downstairs, back into the room where Quatre and Relena are still sitting*

Wufei: *waves at him, not bothering to get up* I'll see you later.

Heero: *doesn't reply, going back into the main room, smiling at Quatre and a sleepy-eyed Relena* Bedtime for Lena and hometime for us, Quatre.

Quatre: *smiles and answers quietly as to not startle Relena too much* Sure. *untangles himself from Relena and gets up* Are you going to be okay, Relena?

Relena: *nods, standing up after a moment and smiling, hugging them both goodbye* I'll see you at training tomorrow, then.

Heero: *nods as well, heading out of the room to the door, turning to say softly* Oh, Relena - Wufei will talk to you about things, soon. Give him some time. *smiles at her reassuringly*

Quatre: *hugs her back gently and follows Heero out* I'm sure it'll work out fine.

Relena: *nods, following them to the door so she can lock it behind them* Yeah. Good night to you both. *smiles, shutting the door behind them once they're out, now thinking only of bed, sleep, and hopefully, oblivion, for now*
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