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An RP log

Relena: *coming downstairs, having changed out of her uniform, let her hair down and had a rest* *walks into the room, smiling at Wufei, determined not to be weak and cry again* Hey, Wufei.

Wufei: Hi. *looks up from yet another book, glasses slipped down to the tip of his nose and hair in disarray*

Relena: *smiles at the change in book* Are you trying to read through my whole stock of books in just a few days? How many have you read _now_? *laughing softly*

Wufei: *smiles slightly* It's all I've read today, actually. *takes a quick look at his book to remember his page and shuts it* It snowed, so I went outside for a while.

Relena: *sitting down on the sofa, in a good mood despite the days training* Heero had us all doing the hardest excercises he could think of because some people went off to gawk at the snow. *rubs an aching shoulder with a rueful smile*

Wufei: *smiles a bit more* Maybe an indoors training would have been a better idea. *puts his book down on the table next to him and runs a hand through his hair, pulling out the hairtie when he encounters several snarls*

Relena: *nods slightly, watching Wufei's hands running through his hair with a now more wistful smile, a little stung by the memory of running her own hands through his hair*

Wufei: Though being used to colder temperatures could work to your advantage. That is, if nobody stops to stare at the snow. *puts his hairtie around his wrist, leaving his hair down, still smiling*

Relena: Well, we were all appropriately frozen before Heero was done with us. *smiling slightly, her eyes flickering over Wufei, her eyes prickling now with tears again at the way she knows Wufei so well and he doesn't remember her, how she remembers everything for both of them, almost as if she'd just dreamed it all*

Wufei: *doesn't notice Relena's tears right away, tugging at his hairtie instead* I'm not used to being cold either, L5 is usually rather sunny, or even downright hot.

Relena: *nods, brushing her hair down with her fingers to hide her face a little more, hoping Wufei won't notice that she's crying again*

Wufei: *looks up, looking at Relena and frowning* Are you alright? You don't look all that well.

Relena: *voice soft, carefully kept under her control* I'm fine. *inwardly shouting at herself for being so weak*

Wufei: *stands, still frowning and now noticing the wetness in Relena's eyes* You're sure? *steps closer to her, leaning forward and putting a hand on her shoulder*

Relena: *looks down at the floor, unable to stop herself crying a little more at his, no doubt only polite, concern*

Wufei: *sighs almost imperceptably and goes to sit next to her, their shoulders barely touching* I can't say I know or understand why you are so sad, but I...I cannot help but wonder if there is anything I could do.

Relena: *shakes her head just a little, closing her eyes and reaching for his hand, giving it a brief, thankful squeeze before reaching up to push her hair back behind her ears, sniffing a little* I don't think you can. Just focus on remembering everything, okay?

Wufei: I am really sorry to cause you such discomfort. *gets up and bows deeply, his expression rather worried*

Relena: It's not you, really. *tries for a smile, standing up and reaching out tentatively to hug him tightly*

Wufei: *blinks in surprise and shyly puts his arms around her in return*

Relena: *steps back, reluctantly, smiling slightly now - something about his shy hug back made her feel better somehow*

Wufei: *stays in place, a little confused about what just happened, but somehow relieved to see that she's stopped crying*

Relena: *smiles slightly* Thank you. I'm sorry I just keep crying on you, *rolls her eyes* I have a lack of self control, at the moment. *despite what she says, she straightens and recovers her composure*

Wufei: It's quite alright, really. *drops his hands to his sides, standing still for another moment before finally moving again* So, yes, I should...*takes a few hesitant steps towards the door*

Relena: *smiles a little more* Anything you want? I was about to make some coffee... *takes a deep breath, thinking that if he's in her home, she might as well spend time with him while she has him, memories or no memories* Would you like to stay down here with me for a while?

Wufei: Er...*pauses and turns toward her* of course. I think I'd like that. *smiles slightly, slightly more relaxed as she didn't comment on his hesitancy*

Relena: Alright. *smiles brightly, tears more or less forgotten for now and heads for the kitchen to make some coffee*

Wufei: *goes back to his seat, taking his book and leafing through it for a bit, waiting for Relena to come back*

Relena: *comes back, balancing the two coffees, handing Wufei his and settling down on the sofa, legs curled under her, with her own*

Wufei: *puts his book down and takes the coffee from her* Thank you.

Relena: You're welcome. *smiling, blowing gently on her coffee in an attempt to cool it a bit*

Wufei: *sips from his own, liking it hot and trying to think of something to make conversation* Have you...lived here long?

Relena: *shakes her head* I've owned this place since my adoptive parents died, but I've only lived in here... hmm, three months, I think, on and off. I do tend to travel a lot, as a politician, but I've put that on hold during my secret Preventer training. This place is the closest I get to a permanent home now, though. *smiles slightly, taking a sip of her coffee*

Wufei: Ah, I see. I can't really remember ever living anywhere else than on L5, though I suppose I must have to have arrived here. Isn't this house a little bit big, though, for someone alone?

Relena: *nods slightly, looking down into her coffee* Yeah, I'm happier living here when there's someone else around.

Wufei: *realizes his mistake about bringing this other person up and bites at his lip* Yes, of course, sorry.

Relena: *looks at him and smiles a bit* That's okay. You're around now, so, this house isn't exactly empty.

Wufei: *smiles shyly as well and empties his cup, putting it down beside him, not really knowing what to say anymore*

Relena: *still just sipping her coffee, quite content, for the moment* I like this house, really. *smiles* It became a home because things have happened here now, good and bad. Other than this, I hadn't really settled down in one place for longer than a month or so since the war. *is almost able to forget that Wufei should know all this*

Wufei: *nods* Having a permanent home is important, even if you don't spend all that much time there.

Relena: *nods as well* I'll be sad, when my training is over and I have to start travelling again.

Wufei: But if someone lived here with you again and they waited for you to come home, it might not be that bad.

Relena: No, it wouldn't be. *puts her coffee down and pulls her knees up, hugging them and resting her chin on top*

Wufei: *looks away from her and quietly curses himself for being unable to not bring this other person up*

Relena: *unfolds herself and goes over to him, going down to his eye level and saying quietly* Don't be afraid to talk about things like that that involve other people. It might not be nice for me, but it is something to talk about and anyway, *eyes sparkling now with laughter as she tries to put Wufei at ease* They do say that it's better out than in. I don't mind talking about it.

Wufei: *smiles softly, unable to resist it and turns to meet her eyes, sucking in a quick breath at how close they suddenly are, voice softening right away* I wouldn't want to make you sad....

Relena: *smiling, not backing off quite yet* I think I'll be sad whether or not you say things like that. I really should learn to keep it to myself.

Wufei: No, it's okay. *raises a hand and lightly puts it on her arm* Better out than in, you said it yourself. *doesn't move away either, feeling, if anything, like leaning closer*

Relena: *smiles at the way he doesn't seem to be complaining to the closeness* Fair's fair; if you ever need to talk, you can talk to me, okay?

Wufei: *puts his other hand on top of hers, just as light as his other hand still rests on her arm* I'll keep it in mind.

Relena: *leans down futher, on impulse and kisses his forehead* I'll always be around, 'cept when I'm training, so don't not talk if you need to.

Relena: *wishes she hadn't done that, already, before she even knows what Wufei will say to that*

Wufei: *looks up at her in wonder and raises the hand that was on her arm a bit higher, cupping her cheek, leaning up, eyes fluttering shut and kissing her very softly*

Relena: *eyes open wide in shock and she doesn't think to respond until too late*

Wufei: *pulls away quickly, realizing what he's doing* I'm...I'm sorry. I...*pushes past her and runs out of the room*

Relena: *whirls round, watching him go, but unsure what to say, completely dumbstruck*

Relena: *shaking a little, needing to talk to someone pretty much straight away or start climbing up the walls, goes over to the vidphone, dropping down in front of it and dialing Heero and Quatre's number*

Quatre: *runs into the living room from the kitchen at the sound of the phone and drops down into the seat in front of the screen, picking up at the same time* Quatre Winner speaking. Hi Rele-what's wrong?

Relena: *distractedly* Yuy-Winner, remember? Can you not get used to your new surname? *focusing her thoughts again, taking a ragged deep breath* He _kissed_ me.

Quatre: No, it'll take some getting used- wait, he did WHAT? *gasps audibly, eyes going a bit wider* When? Why?

Relena: Just now, I don't know, I - he'd decided to stay downstairs, we talked, he thought he'd upset me so I went over and tried to make him see it's not his fault *takes a deep, shuddering breath, tears now dripping down her cheeks _again_, to her mortification* I... guess it's my fault. I was close to him, I kissed him on the forehead and then he kissed me properly! *ducks her head slightly* And I didn't respond, was too suprised... oh _why_ did I let that happen?

Quatre: Shhhh, calm down, slow down. It's not your fault, maybe some part of him still remembers you and that's why he reacted like that? *cradles the phone between his ear and his shoulder* Just calm down now.

Relena: He ran off, I don't know _what_ he's going to think. *sighs, reaching up her hands to angrily wipe the tears away*

Quatre: As long as he didn't run away, I'm sure you can still talk to him. Wufei is a reasonable person. *nods, smiling gently*

Heero: *coming into the room, leaning against the door* Who is it on the phone, Quatre?

Quatre: *turning away from the screen for just a second* It's Relena, she's got a situation with Wufei.

Heero: *coming to stand behind Quatre, looking with concern at Relena* Lena, are you okay?

Relena: *nods slightly, but the fact that she's still crying says the opposite*

Quatre: Is there anything we can do? *drops one of his hands, laying it on Heero's leg*

Relena: No, I -

Heero: *interrupts her* Lena, do you want me to come round for a while? That'll stop anything awkward happening with Wufei for now, he can't be awkward with you with me there.

Relena: *looks between Heero and Quatre, doubtfully, not wanting to deprive Quatre of his husband just because she's being, as she sees it, a little childish*

Quatre: *noticing her doubt* It's okay, Relena. *smiles and nods* I can't always have him all to myself

Relena: *composing herself a little* Would you both like to come, for a while?

Quatre: *looks up at Heero to check with him and then turns back to Relena* I wouldn't mind, if it'll help.

Relena: *nods, still hesitant to ask them to come round for such a small thing*

Heero: We'll be there soon then, Lena. Take care. *smiles at her, gently*

Quatre: *waves at her* See you in a little bit. *smiles one more time and disconnects*

Relena: *disconnects from her end, curling up again, hugging her knees, thoughtful*

-Relena xxxx
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