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An RP log

Relena: *after checking Wufei isn't around, goes to call Duo, settling down comfortably in front of the vidphone*

Duo: *gets to his knees and reaches over the back of the couch to pick up the phone* Preventer's personal prettyboys, how can we please you?

Relena: *giggles* Duo, do you have a whole list of those things to answer the phone with?

Duo: Pretty much, yeah. *smiles* Hey Lena, what's up?

Relena: Just felt like having someone to talk to. *is obviously slightly bothered, but apparently doesn't want to show it*

Duo: Oh, Wu busy or something? Or is it something he can't know? *makes a bit of a face and cocks his head*

Relena: Something I probably shouldn't try talking to him about, anyway. *sighs, but then forces herself to brighten a little*

Duo: What is it then? Tell Duo aaaaall about it. *gets comfortable against the back of the couch, smiling gently*

Relena: *laughs softly at him, but then frowns a little* I'm worried that Wufei as he is... won't... I don't know, doesn't like me at all, because of the way I'm acting towards him. I guess I'm afraid that...

Duo: That he won't like you anymore? *sighs softly and tucks his bangs behind his ears* I dunno, I think, well, you know Wu, if he didn't like you at all, he'd be out of there so fast...

Relena: At least he seems to tolerate me, but, you never know. *sighs* I never really appreciated how much contact with us and the war changed him; he's so... formal, now that he's forgotten all about all that.

Duo: He was like that when we all first met, too. Don't let it get to you *smiles fondly at a few memories* just keep pestering him, if you really annoy him, you'll know.

Relena: *smiles slightly* I know. *sighs, resting her elbows on her knees and putting her chin into her hands* But it feels like it can't go back to how it was before, you know?

Duo: Well, you won't know till it happens, will you? He'll warm up to you, maybe he's just too confused or something to be able to start liking you again?

Wufei: *quietly pokes his head into the room, seeing Relena busy on the phone and quietly staying to the side*

Relena: *turns at the sound of movement and smiles at him and turns back to Duo* Wufei's here, so I'll come off the phone. *smiles and waves a little, no sign of worry or being upset on her face*

Duo: Sure thing, you two be good there. *smiles, amused by Relena's subtle expression of delight at seeing Wufei*

Relena: *rolls her eyes at him* Whatever, Duo, you be good with Trowa, too. Talk to you again soon! *reaches over to disconnect, turning slightly to smile at Wufei again*

Duo: *waves at her, grinning and winking and reaches over to disconnect to*

Wufei: *takes a step into the room* I hope I didn't bother you.

Relena: Not at all. *standing up, straightening out her clothes*

Wufei: I just finished my book and...*shrugs slightly, looking at her through his lashes*

Relena: And? *shrugs slightly in return*

Wufei: Thought I'd come look for you, I've found that being alone with my thoughts isn't exactly enjoyable. *takes another step into the room* I wanted to ask you something as well.

Relena: *inclines her head slightly, smiling* I think I've noticed that as well. What did you want to ask me?

Wufei: It's ridiculous, really, but since you know you have any idea where my glasses are?

Relena: *looks thoughtful for a minute, then nods* I think I do, yes. Do you need them now?

Wufei: Please, if it's not too much trouble. I'd like to read some more, but it's difficult, when I almost have to bury my nose in the book. *smiles very slightly in amusement*

Relena: I'll... go get them now then. Wait here. *leaves the room quickly, heading for hers, hoping Wufei won't follow her*

Wufei: *raises an eyebrow in suprise at the speed with which she leaves and walks further into the room, sitting down in the chair by the phone to wait for her*

Relena: *comes back fairly quickly, carrying his glasses in a case* Found them. *voice soft - she had to go through his stuff to get them, and that was mildly upsetting* *hands them to him, and goes to sit down on the sofa, curling up slightly and smiling at him*

Wufei: Thank you. *takes the case from her with a tiny smile, immediately putting his glasses on to relieve him from the headache he got from reading earlier* *sits up properly in his chair, hands in his lap*

Relena: How was your day while I was at training, then?

Wufei: *shakes his head slightly* Nothing particularly interesting. I went outside, into the garden, for a while, but mostly spent my time reading. I hope your own day was not too tiring?

Relena: *shrugs* I've got used to it, training _is_ hard and Heero, Quatre and Trowa certainly don't let any of us slack off. I'm tired, but... not as tired as my first few days of training.

Wufei: *nods* I can imagine that training for such a ...peacekeeping force would be rigorous.

Relena: Especially from people who don't _really_ want me doing it anyway. *smiles a little* Still, they've learned that if I want to do dangerous things to help people, I will.

Wufei: Helping does not always require for you to be in danger. Are they so worried about you, that they'd rather not see you do this?

Relena: *nods slightly* They think I do enough, as a politician. There were two reasons for it, really, for me. One, so that I could help... the person I love, and two, so that I could help other people, Preventers mostly, with things they don't have access to.

Wufei: This person is a Preventer as well then? *pulls his legs up under him again, getting a little more comfortable*

Relena: Yes. *nods*

Wufei: *nods in return, assuming that this is why she said he's not in her life at the moment* *looks around the room for a moment, taking off his glasses and rubbing at his eyes* How long has this Preventer's existed?

Relena: Since the end of the war, pretty much. *smiles slightly* I've only just started my training, and the others have been teaching for about... half a year.

Wufei: I suppose they didn't need to take training, considering what you told me of them yesterday. One of them though...*looks thoughtful for a moment* Maxwell, you said he doesn't work for them. Why?

Relena: *looks down at her lap* I suppose he wants a life away from piloting and being a soldier. I imagine they all had enough of that. The three who are instructors work in a passive job so they don't have to fight again. Although, Heero does seem to be considering returning to active duty, depending on what Quatre thinks of that. *shrugs slightly* I can't blame Duo for not wanting to be a part of Preventers, the things the Gundam pilots went through... were not easy for mere teenagers like them.

Wufei: Make sense, I suppose. *frowns slightly* Heero Yuy...he was very protective of you, when I met him.

Relena: He threatened to kill me often enough during the war. *laughs softly* I think... he thinks of me as a sister. He has no family that he knows of, doesn't know his own birthday - nor does Trowa, though - I guess me and Quatre, and the others too, are the closest thing that comes to a family for him.

Wufei: *leans back in his chair, nodding* You all know me and, at this rate, I'll know all as well, soon. It'd be amusing if I still wouldn't know myself then.

Relena: *looks at him seriously* It wouldn't be for me. *speaking quickly now, to hide the real seriousness and slight pain in her words* I don't like to see anyone hurt, or lost, or confused, but unfortunately, there's not much I can do to help you.

Wufei: *makes a dismissive gesture* Maybe amusing is the wrong word, though I'd think it so, if in a rather morbid way. *meets her eyes* I appreciate your sympathy and I know, this is something I need to do on my own.

Relena: *smiles slightly, not looking away* I hope you do remember everything soon, I can't imagine what it would be like not knowing.

Wufei: Confusing, mostly *doesn't turn away either* or frustrating.

Relena: *finally drops her eyes, a tear forming in her eye and rolling down her cheek* *hopes Wufei hasn't noticed, reaches up to wipe it away quickly*

Wufei: *frowns and leans a bit forward in his chair* Are you alright? If it's anything I said, I do apologise...

Relena: *shakes her head, finding a smile again* It's okay, just me being silly.

Wufei: If you'd like some time alone, I'll just be on my way. *pushes up from his chair, grabbing the case to his glasses*

Relena: *nods slightly* Thank you.

Wufei: *nods in return and straightens, leaving the room*

-Relena xxx
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