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An RP log

Relena: *pulling up outside her house and parking the car, turns it off and looks at Wufei* This is ou - my home. Some people are already here, they want to see you. *smiles at him slightly, shyly*

Wufei: *nods at her words, looking slightly disintrested at the thought of more strangers* Why is it absolutely necessary that I don't go to my own home again?

Relena: Because *swallows slightly, not at all prepared for a Wufei that doesn't remember anything, however much she's tried to prepare herself* you're a very long way away from that.

Wufei: *nods again, looking at the window and at Relena's house, accepting that he doesn't have a choice in the matter of where he stays* Alright then.

Relena: *opening the door and getting out of the car* Come on, then.

Wufei: *grabs his bag from the backseat and gets out of the car as well, still looking around*

Relena: *locks the car and heads to the door, looking over her shoulder at Wufei* You're lucky this isn't any of my other homes, you'd be overwhelmed by servants. As it is, you only have the oth - my friends to deal with. *opens the door and goes inside, waiting for Wufei and closing the door behind him*

Wufei: *hoists his bag onto his shoulder and follows Relena in* So you're rich, or at the very least important. *says it more as a statement than as a question*

Relena: Yes. *smiles a little* I don't like to think it, but I am both in most peoples eyes, at least. Would you like to put your bag down there? I'll find you a spare bedroom in a while, but for now the others are waiting to see you. *doesn't look at him now, choked up by the unfamiliarness of having Wufei there, but not the Wufei who knows her and the house and what she wants from him* They're in here, if you'll follow me. *goes through into the living room, where the others are waiting*

Wufei: Yes, thank you. *quietly drops his bag to the floor, giving her an odd look as she averts her eyes from him, but still following her into the next room, glancing at each of the four waiting for them there before looking out the nearest window*

Trowa: *stands up, his eyes taking in Wufei easily, knowing better than the rest of them what Wufei will be going through, but doesn't speak, waiting for Relena to introduce them*

Duo: *smiles and nods at Wufei as he looks at him, knowing that he ought to recognize him at least*

Relena: *still doesn't look at Wufei, but at the others, smiling a bit* Wufei, this is Heero and Quatre Yuy-Winner, *indicates each one as she speaks* Duo Maxwell and Trowa Barton.

Wufei: *straightens and bows slightly at each of them as he hears their names* I am Chang Wufei, pleasure to meet you all.

Heero: *flicks his eyes at Relena, seeing her discomfort, and looks back at Wufei, nodding slightly in response to his bow*

Quatre: *sighs softly and decides to make the first move since nobody else seems to be up for it* Hi, Wufei, welcome. I hope your trip from the hospital was alright. *squeezes Heero's hand softly*

Heero: *smiles slightly, squeezing Quatre's hand back, thankful that he's there*

Wufei: It was, thank you. *looks Quatre over, noticing how he's holding Heero's hand* Do you...all live here?

Relena: *looks embarrassed at what Wufei might be thinking*

Heero: *chuckles softly* We don't, Quatre and I live on the military base not far away.

Duo: *snickers too, leaning his head against Trowa's shoulder and putting an arm around his waist* So do Tro and I, so it'll be just you and Lena.

Wufei: *raises an eyebrow at Duo's move and nods, glancing sideways at Relena* I see.

Trowa: Heero, Quatre and myself are all instructors on the military base - it's a training base. Relena is one of our students, and our friend.

Relena: *nods slightly* During weekdays I'll be away at training, and you'll have the house to yourself, Wufei.

Quatre: If anything goes wrong though or if you need anything, at least one of us can always be reached. *smiles brightly, a bit forced, but trying* I'm sure Relena can give you our numbers.

Relena: Ah - right. I'll write them down for you, Wufei. *smiles a little, looking over at him but not quite meeting his eyes*

Wufei: Thank you again. *starting to feel rather uncomfortable with the five of them looking at him and obviously knowing more, but not telling him* I think I'd like to rest now, if you don't mind. *makes a quick excuse, bowing again and looking at Relena expectantly*

Relena: *nods quickly* Alright. Just give me a few moments to... sort out a room. *leaves the room quickly, leaving Wufei with the others*

Heero: *smiles slightly, watching her go* She likes to do things for herself, rather than have servants to do it, as you'll have noticed. *glances at Wufei* She'll make you feel at home.

Wufei: Yes, I have and I suppose she will, since nobody seems to know how long I'll actually be...imposing on her hospitality. *looks around the room, somwhat trying to avoid having to look at anyone*

Trowa: She won't mind, trust that, Wufei. *smiles slightly, a little grimly, unpleasantly remembering his own loss of memory*

Duo: *hugs Trowa a little tighter as he feels him tense up* Just relax, make yourself at home and get better, Lena's real great, she won't mind.

Trowa: *hugs Duo back, smiling a little*

Heero: *looks at Wufei, not expecting anything* If you have any questions about her, we'll try to answer - about her, or anything.

Wufei: No, nothing in particular. *looks out the door to the hallway for a moment* There's something odd though, but it's possible that I'm only imagining it.

Trowa: Yes? *raises an eyebrow, questioningly*

Wufei: It's probably nothing, but is there a reason why she won't look me in the eye? *doesn't look to worried about it, just honestly curious*

Heero: It hurts her to.

Trowa: *glares at Heero and says softly* You remind her of something she doesn't want to be reminded of, right now. She'll get used to you being around.

Quatre: You needn't worry about it, really, it's not something you did.

Heero: *stands, his hand slipping from Quatre's, and goes to stand almost in front of Wufei, keeping what would have been a proper distance between them during the wars* Don't worry about Lena, I'll take care of her. *smiles slightly* You focus on getting well.

Wufei: Ah, yes, I suppose I should. *frowns slightly, starting to reconsider the dynamics between Heero, Quatre and Relena*

Duo: You guys, Lena's been gone for a while, I'm gonna go check up on her. *untangles himself from Trowa with a last hug and head out of the room*

Trowa: *nods and looks at Heero* _We'll_ take care of Lena, Heero. *smiles slightly and looks at Wufei* She's special to all of us.

Quatre: We all care about her a lot, each in our own way. *smiles at Wufei as well, as reassuringly as possible*

Heero: Do me a favour, Wufei. *ignores everyone elses input* If she does get upset, find a way to contact me. I want to help her.

Wufei: *frowns and looks Heero over, noting that, while at a respectable distance, he still looks somewhat possessive and protective* I will, but I think your friend is beating you to it. *indicates Duo as he comes back in*

Heero: He doesn't work with her. *smiles slightly, backing off* Is she okay, Duo?

Duo: *smiles slightly, pretending the slightly wet patch on his shoulder isn't there and going back to lean against Trowa* She'll be okay.

Relena: *following him down, red eyed but composed* Yes, I will be, now if you gentleman would like to stop talking about me behind my back, I'll show Wufei his room. *casts an amused but reproving glance at Heero*

Quatre: *laughs quietly and hides his smile in Heero's shoulder*

Heero: *runs his left hand through Quatre's hair, in Wufei's sight, wanting to make it clear that he and Quatre are married and exclusively belonging to each other*

Wufei: *nods* Thank you. *bows again to all of them, noticing Heero's move, but not awknowledging it* I hope we meet again soon. *leaves the room, getting his bag and waiting for Relena there*

Relena: *follows him out and heads up the stairs, leaving the others to talk, then says by way of giving information* Heero and Quatre haven't been married long, it's very cute, even if they did _have_ to get married.

Wufei: Had to? *raises an eyebrow at that, following her up the stairs, looking around curiously and trying to discern the patterns in the woodwork of the stairs*

Relena: Heero... is dying. They had to marry, under Preventer authority, so that Quatre has right of attourney over Heero. It was alright when Heero's only threat of death and situations where Quatre would have to make decisions for him were Preventer authority situations rather than civilian ones... but considering what may happen to Heero, they had to have law on their side as well as just Preventers policy.

Wufei: I see, not an easy decision, I imagine. This Preventers though, what's that? I've never even heard about that. *hoists his bag up a little higher on his shoulder*

Relena: A peace keeping organisation that most of us, except Duo, are part of. People had their objections to me training, but I hate to think that the people I love may fight and die and I may have no idea what to do about it.

Relena: *leading Wufei down a corridor to the bedroom she got ready*

Wufei: An honourable enough reason to fight, I suppose. *follows her still, entering the room and setting his bag on the floor by the bed*

Relena: *looks up at him and laughs softly* I won't fight unless I really have to, but when I can, I'll be trying to show as much honour as I can. There's someone who thinks as highly of honour as you, *swallows slightly, on difficult ground* and I should hope he will see me as honorable. *looks away for a second, then back* This is your room, there's a bathroom the next door down the corridor, if you need anything... just ask me.

Wufei: *considers, if just for a moment, to ask if she means the person he supposedly reminds her of, but doesn't, deciding to not invade her privacy more than he already thinks he's doing* I'll be fine. I can't thank you enough. *bows deeply from the waist*

Relena: *smiles at him slightly* Call me when you get hungry. I'll just go and shoo the others away now. *closes Wufei's door on the way out, heading downstairs*

Wufei: *sits down on the edge of his bed as she leaves, rubbing at his temples and mentally reviewing all that's happened since he arrived*

-Relena xxxx
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