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A (somewhat adult) RP log

A time with Quatre that caused the thoughts in this post. Adult rated.

Quatre: *walks over to Heero, looking over his shoulder at the screen of his laptop and loosely putting his arms around his neck* Busy?

Heero: *leans his head back a bit* No, not now you've appeared, anyway. *closes the lid of his laptop with a little smile*

Quatre: Great. *runs his hands down Heero's arms* Think the cadets'll survive tomorrow's urban warfare training?

Heero: Mmhmm. Should be fun to watch them soldier bravely on though. *laughs softly*

Quatre: They're definitely not quitters, these guys. *nuzzles Heero's neck a little*

Heero: And girls. *turns his chair a little and stands up, pulling Quatre close* But if any of them were quitters, they'd have gone already.

Quatre: On day one, probably. *slides his hands back up Heero's arms and leans against him*

Heero: Mmhmm. I almost ran away on day one of teaching the new cadets, really. *smiles slightly* I must have gotten soft over the honeymoon, hm? *kisses Quatre softly*

Quatre: I actually thought you were rather hard. *smiles and kisses him back* What would've made you run?

Heero: *rolls his eyes slightly* Wasn't ready to teach a handful of girls again, more than anything.

Quatre: Really now, the fearless Heero Yuy, thinking about running from a bunch of girls? *smiles again and kisses Heero softly* They're not _that_ bad.

Heero: *snorts* Fearless indeed. No, they're not bad, but I'd forgotten how challenging it can be to teach _anyone_. *kisses Quatre back*

Quatre: *wraps his arms around Heero's neck* Now that, I can understand. I didn't feel as nervous as the first time though.

Heero: No, me neither. *tightens his arms around Quatre* Mind you, the first time, I was over-confident.

Quatre: You were? *nuzzles at Heero's neck again*

Heero: Mmhmm, that illusion vanished rapidly. Between being distracted by a certain someone, dealing with certain female cadets, and trying to teach a group, my illusions of being good at  everything took a hike. *chuckles softly, tilting his head to kiss Quatre's neck*

Quatre: You're still good at what you do. *tips his head back a little* It's just not the same as being a natural at it.

Heero: Mmhmm. *kisses Quatre's neck a moment longer, then, grinning, sucks on his skin to leave a lovebite, as he always does*

Quatre: *gasps softly and tips his head back further* nnnnnnyou know what that does to me...

Heero: Mmhmm, that's why I do it.

Quatre: You're an evil man, Heero Yuy. *wraps a hand around the back of Heero's neck and pulls him closer to kiss him deeply*

Heero: Yuy-_Winner_. Don't forget the most important part. *kisses him back, holding him tightly*

Quatre: Of course, of course. *nods and moves his hand up to tangle his fingers in the hair on the back of Heero's head*

Heero:*kisses him again, gently, reaching out a hand to switch off the lamp on the desk* Hmm... I think we should go to bed early... even if we don't exactly sleep... what do you think? *smirking  slightly, running his fingers down Quatre's spine*

Quatre: *shivers slightly at Heero's touch to his back* I think that sounds like a great idea. *nips at Heero's jaw and takes a step in the direction of their bedroom*

Heero: *tips his head back a bit* I think we're agreed then. *follows Quatre, switching off the main light in the room when they pass the switch*

Quatre: *turns around and takes one of Heero's hands in his, pulling him along and down onto their bed*

Heero: *pins Quatre down with his body, kissing him deeply and unbuttoning his shirt quickly*

Quatre: *arches into Heero's touch and kisses him back, hands roaming across his chest*

Heero: *pushes the shirt out of the way, not bothering to get Quatre's arms out of it, and leans down to kiss his chest, leaving another lovebite*

Quatre: *squirms a little, breathing faster and trying to free himself from his shirt, running his hands down Heero's back as soon as he manages to get loose*

Heero: *shivers slightly at Quatre's touch, pressing closer to him, trailing his kisses down towards Quatre's nipple, which he takes into his mouth and sucks gently, biting just a little*

Quatre: *moans and tugs at Heero's shirt to get it off as well*

Heero: *sits back slightly, helping Quatre to pull off his shirt, then leans back down and kisses him again, running a hand down his side*

Quatre: *kisses Heero back vigorously, running his hands down his back again, bumping his knuckles down the ridges of his spine*

Heero: *pushes up on one elbow, running a hand down to open Quatre's trousers, looking into his eyes* What do you want? And *smirks* just saying me is not the right answer, however true it  may be.

Quatre: *props himself up on his elbows too and pretends to ponder the question for a second* I want you to *pokes Heero's chest and pauses* fuck me.

Heero: I think *nuzzles Quatre's neck, bringing his head up a little to nibble on his earlobe, his words husky in Quatre's ear* I can do that.

Quatre: *groans and bites at Heero's shoulder, pushing his hips up to grind against his leg and convey his exact sentiments*

Heero: *smirks slightly, getting Quatre's pants undone and sliding a hand inside, squeezing him briefly before pulling away to pull his pants and boxers off for him, then kicks his way out of his  pants*

Quatre: *runs his hands further down Heero's back to cup his ass, breathing faster still and leaning up to kiss him hungrily*

Heero: *kisses Quatre back deeply, reaching down, brushing his fingers along Quatre's erection teasingly, before dropping lower and teasing at his entrance, the tips of his fingers pushing gently  inside him and out, again teasing, as he reaches for the bedside table to get the lube*

Quatre: *moans again and presses his hips upward, eager for more, while running one hand across Heero's hip and teasing at his balls with the tips of his fingers*

Heero: *moans softly, pulling his fingers back to squeeze out lube onto them, then pushing one finger gently inside Quatre, allowing him a second to adjust before searching for his prostate, eager  to hear Quatre moan more*

Quatre: *shuts his eyes for a second as Heero's finger enters him, but opens them again, gazing into the distance and with a loud gasp, when he feels him brush over his prostate*

Heero: *smirks slightly, working his finger against that spot before sliding another finger in as well*

Quatre: *moans loudly, shoving himself back onto Heero's fingers, wanting more*

Heero: *pulls his fingers out, leaning down to kiss Quatre as he coats his cock in lube and moves between Quatre's legs, pushing them gently apart and then pushing into him, quickly, until he's  buried to the hilt inside Quatre, moaning*

Quatre: *gasps and reaches up to wrap his arms around Heero's neck as he puts his legs around his waist, holding him tightly*

Heero: *voice a husky moan* God, Quatre. *kisses him deeply, not moving yet now the first rush of wanting to be inside Quatre is over*

Quatre: *moans again, panting rapidly and tightens his legs a bit, kissing Heero back while running his hands down to his shoulders, fingers digging into his skin*

Heero: *rolls his hips slowly, teasingly, now quite determined to not give in to rushing unless Quatre absolutely begs for it, smirking slightly*

Quatre: *pushes his hips up, wanting to take more of Heero into him, smiling in pleasure and moving his hands further down Heero's back*

Heero: *pulls out slowly and pushes back in, closing his eyes*

Quatre: *moans softly, lying still for a moment to enjoy the feel of Heero moving slowly inside of him*

Heero: *kisses him deeply, a little moan escaping him as he pulls out and drives his hips in again* *leans his head down to whisper in Quatre's ear* You know what, Quatre?

Quatre: *shivers and groans as Heero's hot breath brushes over his ear* No. *nips at Heero's shoulder* Tell me?

Heero: *quickens his rhythm just a little, deliberately aiming to press against Quatre's prostate, his voice husky and still low in Quatre's ear* I think you know, but I'll tell you again... you're  _mine_.

Quatre: *closes his eyes and makes a tiny, pleased sound in the back of his throat at each of Heero's thrusts* As long as you know you're mine too. *cups Heero's cheek and pulls him closer,  kissing him hungrily and biting at his bottom lip*

Heero: Mmhmm, no doubt of that. *groans and kisses back, quickening the rhythm of his thrusts for a moment before remembering that he wants to go slowly for as long as possible to tease  Quatre, and slows down*

Quatre: *groans at Heero's slowing down and gives him a fierce look, tightening his legs around him again and pushing his hips up for more*

Heero: *smirks slightly, kissing him and not in the least quickening his pace this time*

Quatre: Dammit, Heerooo~ *kisses him back, tangles one of his hands in Heero's hair* What are you up to?

Heero: *innocently* Up to? *slows down even more, the innocent look breaking into a smirk*

Quatre: Or not up to, *groans, something of a whine breaking through* whatever.

Heero: Hmm *pauses while fully inside Quatre, rolling his hips, the smirk on his face not fading* I'm not sure what you mean. You'll have to specify.

Quatre: *props himself up on one elbow and licks at Heero's lips* Why aren't you moving?

Heero: *pulls out of Quatre, pushing back in a little faster than before* I _am_ moving. *smirking still, though his mouth falls open a little as he thrusts into Quatre*

Quatre: Not fast enough. *nips at Heero's jaw and falls back onto the bed, throwing his arms over his head, legs still tight around Heero*

Heero: *pretends to look thoughtful* So... you want me to move faster? *can't contain his smirk at all now and bends down, nipping at Quatre's neck to hide his smirk*

Quatre: Yes, move faster, now. *cranes his neck and closes his eyes lightly*

Heero: *chuckles softly, quickening his rhythm slightly, really not able to keep going slow much longer anyway* Better?

Quatre: *shakes his head and opens his eyes again* No, I said _faster_. *puts his arms back around Heero's neck*

Heero: *in a slightly mocking tone* Yes, dear. *smirks slightly, but the expression fades as he increases his speed, rhythm faltering as he moans softly in Quatre's ear*

Quatre: *lets his head loll back in pleasure as he bites his bottom lip to keep from crying out too loudly*

Heero: *panting quite hard, runs his hands down Quatre's body, reaching between them to stroke his cock*

Quatre: *cries out Heero's name after all, bucking his hips and holding on to Heero's shoulders*

Heero: *thrusting as fast as he can, sucking on a patch of skin on Quatre's shoulder, close to climax*

Quatre: *moans and shivers, biting at Heero's neck in return, his own orgasm not far off*

Heero: *thrusts hard inside of Quatre for the last time, crying out his name softly as his orgasm overtakes him, the noise muffled in Quatre's shoulder* *continues to stroke Quatre's cock until he  reaches his orgasm too*

Quatre: *whispers Heero's name quietly as he comes into his hand* *kisses Heero's shoulder softly as he relaxes on to the bed, legs still around his waist, fingertips drawing random patterns on  his back*

Heero: *presses a kiss against Quatre's jaw softly, not ready to move again just yet*

Quatre: *sighs happily and lets his hands wander over Heero's body where ever he can reach*

Heero: *smiles slightly, brushing his fingers down Quatre's throat and chest* Are you going to let go of me, or are we going to sleep like this?

Quatre: *makes a sound much akin to purring and kisses softly at Heero's shoulder* Like this is fine for me.

Heero: *smiles at the purr and shuts his eyes, still running his fingers lightly down Quatre's chest sleepily*

Quatre: *snuggles as close as he can and closes his eyes with a tiny yawn*

Heero: *levers himself up just a little to brush his lips over Quatre's before settling down again, his voice sleepy* Sweet dreams, love.

Quatre: *kisses him back softly and mumbles, already half asleep* Sweet dreams for you too, love.
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