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Mod post: Feedback?

I figure that in the journals, it'd be nice to do friends only and filtered posts sometimes... but for entertainments sake, it'd be nice if we could all read them. I know this idea has been done before, but... it seems to work.

Putting in the header if it's friends only or private, e.g. [Friends Only - About *blah*]

What do you think? This question is to anyone who stumbles across it, really.

We now have a full complement of journals again.

Heero Yuy-Winner - 01heeroyuy
Duo Maxwell - jadedyethopeful
Trowa Barton - noworknofood
Quatre Yuy-Winner - glorifyingmeans
Wufei Chang - steelandsilk
Relena Peacecraft - i_hate_pink
Lady Une - roses_andpoison
Catherine Bloom - circuscatherine
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