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An RP log

Wufei: *knocks on Une's door and enters right away, knowing that he's expected*

Une: *looks up at Wufei* Ah, Wufei. There's a mission for you again. It took a while but the details are in this folder. *pulls a folder out of a filing  cabinet and pushes it towards him*

Wufei: *closes the door behind him and sits in the chair across of Une, taking the folder and flipping through it* This is a rather long one.

Une: Yes, and hopefully more interesting for you than the last. *smiles slightly*

Wufei: *nods slightly* More active, anyway. *closes the folder and puts it on the desk* I'll take it.

Une: Good. Any questions?

Wufei: No, everything I need to know is in the file.

Une: Fine. Dismissed. *gives him a brief salute*

Wufei: *gets up, takes the file, salutes and leaves*


Relena: *is sitting at home reading a magazine*

Wufei: *enters the room, taking off his uniform jacket and dropping the file onto the table*

Relena: *looks up* Hey. You okay?

Wufei: *shrugs and sits down next to her, draping his jacket over the back of the couch* I've got a mission.

Relena: A long one? *looks at him with a bit of worry*

Wufei: Quite, leaving in some two weeks. *takes one of her hands in his and tangles their fingers*

Relena: *leans her head against his shoulder* How long is quite long?

Wufei: Two months if things work out easily, longer if there's trouble, which I expect there to be. *wraps his free arm around her* It's not all that  long, but still....

Relena: Mm. That's too long in my opinion. I'll have been through most of my training by then.

Wufei: I know, I'd rather I could stay here too, but then what did I join Preventers for? *kisses the top of her head*

Relena: *laughs softly* I don't know, really. *smiles slightly* So, what's this mission all about? Or can't you tell me?

Wufei: Can't tell you, just that, this time, I'll actually have to do something rather than sit in some tiny room and play spy.

Relena: A little more interesting for you, then. *smiles*

Wufei: Should hope so. *nuzzles at her temple* I'm going to miss you and I know I'm going to hate missing the first few days of your training.

Relena: No you won't, you'll get to miss out on me being all tired and cranky. *laughs softly*

Wufei: Tired and cranky and cursing the day you ever chose to enroll in that course, yes, I'm going to hate missing that. *smiles and kisses her  softly*

Relena: *kisses back* I see, you want to be there to say 'I told you so'?

Wufei: Amongst other things, yes. Is that so wrong?

Relena: *laughs softly* I guess not.

Wufei: *cups her cheek and kisses her tenderly* I'm really going to miss you.

Relena: *smile fades a little as she kisses back* Mmhmm, I'm going to miss you too.

Wufei: At least we still get to spend the holidays together. *closes his eyes and leans his forehead against hers*

Relena: *closes her eyes too, cuddling closer to him* Mmmhmm.

Wufei: *squeezes her hand gently and holds her tightly* At least there's vacation time again afterward.

Relena: Yeah. *smiles, determined to be cheerful - she can't be completely depressed every time Wufei goes away, after all*

Wufei: *kisses her softly again and sighs quietly*

Relena: *kisses back and puts her hand against his cheek* Cheer up, it isn't really so long, and we should get used to it, really.

Wufei: True, I should be able to contact you a bit more frequently as well, this time around.

Relena: *smiles* Well, that's something.

Wufei: Definitely. *kisses her softly and smiles a little as well* This doesn't mean I'm enthusiast about going, though.

Relena: At least it's a chance for you to do something, right?

Wufei: Still, not enthusiast, but yes, doing my duty, I chose to get this job and so on and on.

Relena: If you don't _start_ looking more enthusiastic about missions, I won't let you go on them. *sticks her tongue out at him*

Wufei: We'll see about who lets who go on missions when you're a proper Preventer, agent Blossom.

Relena: *pouts* No fair.

Wufei: *smirks slightly and runs a hand through her hair*

Relena: *snuggles up against him and sighs quietly*

Wufei: *brushes his lips over her forehead and lightly runs the tips of his fingers up and down her arm*

Relena: *smiles again and whispers* I'll make the most of you while you're here, hm?

Wufei: *raises an eyebrow in wonder* How, exactly, should I understand that?

Relena: *pokes him* Hmph, what ways _could_ you understand that?

Wufei: There's two, either we'll just be spending a lot of time together or you've changed into some kind of sex fiend and I should start running.

Relena: *laughs* Well I obviously _don't_ want you to start running. Spending a lot of time together was what _I_ meant.

Wufei: I can do that, not running. *smiles and brushes his lips over hers*

Relena: *smiles and kisses him softly*

Wufei: *kisses her back and wraps his other arm around her as well, pulling her closer*

Relena: *cuddles up to him even more, resting her head on his shoulder and putting her arms around him tightly*

Wufei: *kisses her temple* I don't want to get used to having to leave.

Relena: When my training is done, sometimes I'll be with you. *laughs softly* But knowing you, that would just make you worry _more_, right?

Wufei: Likely, unless you'd be at my side non stop, that might keep me from getting an ulcer.

Relena: *smiles* I think the point would be that I can get places you can't anymore.

Wufei: *sighs softly* I know, but the reason I don't want to get used to leaving is because it would make us numb and I don't want that.

Relena: *hides her face against his shoulder* Small chance of that, I think.

Wufei: *runs a hand through her hair and nods* Still....

Relena: Still...?

Wufei: Even if it's not very likely, I still don't want there to be a chance that it might happen someday.

Relena: Well... I know I won't ever stop missing you when you go away.

Wufei: I'll miss you too, whenever you're not near. *kisses her softly*

Relena: *kisses him back and smiles* I wouldn't have thought such a cynic would be such a sap...

Wufei: I'll have to kill you and hide your body if you tell anyone. You do know that, right? *smiles teasingly*

Relena: You wouldn't kill me. *bats her eyelashes*

Wufei: Only if you tell anyone. *kisses the tip of her nose*

Relena: What about if I hint?

Wufei: I'd have to maim you.

Relena: No fair. *sticks her tongue out at him again*

Wufei: Life isn't fair. *smirks and quickly catches her tongue between his teeth*

Relena: *rolls her eyes at him*

Wufei: *lets go of her, still smirking*

Relena: Life might not be fair, but it's good sometimes. *smiles*

Wufei: Very good even. *bumps his nose against hers*

Relena: Yeah. *closes her eyes and rests her head on his shoulder again*

Wufei: *nods quietly and kisses the top of her head again, holding her close*

-Relena xxx
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