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A (somewhat adult) RP log

A call to Relena, the results of the bet and consolation for our losses. Adult, but with a marked cut off point from perfectly innocent to adult.

Duo: *grabs a chair and gets comfortable by the vidphone, dialing Relena's number*

Relena: *glances at the phone, sighs and goes to answer*

Duo: Hey Lena. *sees her expression* Bad timing?

Relena: Hey Duo. No, not a bad time *smiles slightly* Just I was worried when the phone rang that it would be _yet another_ journalist asking me questions. I'm going to have to change my home number. *laughs softly*

Duo: Is it about the Preventers thing?

Relena: I'm not sure, since I am refusing to talk to them, but I doubt it. You're lucky Wufei didn't answer, he's just about exploding.

Duo: *laughs* Maybe they just saw you together someplace. Good thing I didn't call 'Fei then, he'd have eaten me alive.

Relena: I get that impression, somehow. So why are you calling? *raises an eyebrow slightly*

Duo: Well, ah, I had a question related to that little bet I made a while ago.

Relena: *blushes just a little* Oh?

Duo: Yeah, I was just curious if there was an outcome on that yet. *grins*

Relena: Wufei would bite my head off if I said anything either way, you know. *still blushing a little*

Duo: Aw, I'm sure he'd only growl at you a little. Unless he's a biter of course, but I don't know that. Do you? *leans closer to the screen, curious*

Relena: *goes noticably pink now* I have a right to remain silent, don't I?

Duo: Oh c'mon, Lena, I'm a friend, you can tell me. I won't tell anyone, well, 'cept for Heero, but only because he joined in on the bet.

Relena: You're almost as good at wheedling as Heero is... not quite, though.

Duo: *singsongs* But I'm persistant and I can do the one thing Heero can't.

Relena: *raises an eyebrow*What's that?

Duo: *grins* That'd be giving away my battle plan, dear, but I'll tell you my little secret if you tell me yours.

Relena: *makes a face at him*

Duo: Is that a yes?

Relena: *sticks her tongue out* I don't want Wufei biting me again, thanks. *grin* Feel free to crow over that information, if you like.

Duo: But I want mooooore. *leans his chin on his fist* I'm not asking you to give me every little detail here, Lena, I'm not even sure I want to know. All I need to know is who caved since my gut is telling me someone sure did.

Relena: *grin* I don't think you'll be winning any bets, Duo. Or losing them, either.

Duo: What? Aw, man, you're telling me you still haven't done it? After how long you've been living together? *goes quiet for a moment* He's not a eunuch, is he?

Relena: *snickers* I didn't say that, and no.

Duo: Then what? Tell me, please? *bats his lashes*

Relena: *laughs softly and shakes her head* None of you were right, cause it wasn't just Wufei that caved or just me. Okay?

Duo: Oh, right, like that. Damn, I _so_ wanted to have Heero owe me twenty bucks.

Relena: *smiles sweetly* Happy now?

Duo: For you guys? Yeah, totally. *nods and smiles*

Relena: *smiles* Now you're done weaseling information out of me... how are you?

Duo: I'm cool, me and Trowa are going to visit his sister for christmas. *smiles a little*

Relena: Catherine? Do you know her at all or is it going to be all awkward getting to know each other?

Duo: The latter, probably, I've only met her twice, once during the war and once just after, and she wasn't all that fond of me because of the whole gundam pilot spiel.

Relena: *smiles slightly* I think I'm glad I don't have any awkward 'meet the family' things to do.

Duo: You lucky thing you. It's not that bad, really, I'm just nervous, just a little.

Relena: You seem to be good with people though, so no problem there, really. She'll like you - who doesn't, when you turn on the charm? *laughs softly*

Duo: Heh. *smiles and ducks his head* I'm still going with hoping she'll like for Trowa's sake, but I'll see once I get there. And how're you doing, all weasling and reporters aside?

Relena: Fine, I'm happy, reporters aside. *smiles*

Duo: _Happy_ happy? Not just, I'm fine, happy?

Relena: I'm _happy_ happy.

Duo: Good, because you know, anything else and we'd have to do something about that.

Relena: *raises an eyebrow* Why do something?

Duo: Because we, and that means all five of us, want you to be happy.

Relena: *smiles* And I want you all to be happy. But what would the 'something' be?

Duo: Whatever's necessary, sweetcakes.

Relena: You're all such nice guys. *grins*

Duo: We care, 's all, some of us are just more vocal about it than others. *rolls his eyes*

Relena: Heero is more open about caring than he used to be, and Wufei too. Just Trowa left that isn't very vocal to anybody but you. *smiles* At least, I assume he's vocal to you.

Duo: Oh more than you'll ever know, but let's not go into that. *clears his throat and whistles innocently*

Relena: *laughs softly* Always the quiet ones, is it?

Duo: You should know, 'Fei can get pretty quiet. *winks*

Relena: Ah, he's not all that loud, really. Say, this information isn't going to be used against him, is it?

Duo: Nah, I'd need details to really be able to use any information. I'm only going to tease him a bit with this. *grins, eyes sparkling*

Relena: I'd better go hide when I see he's been talking to you, then.

Duo: If I didn't want to pride myself on my manly courage, I'd be hiding too, he can get seriously pissed off.

Wufei: *walks up behind Relena and raises an eyebrow, easily figuring out they're talking about him* Only when necessary, Maxwell.

Relena: *looks slightly guilty and says in a high voice* Oh, hi Wufei.

Wufei: *gives her an odd look and turns his attention to Duo* But I'm sure you wouldn't do anything to piss me off.

Relena: *can't keep herself from giggling, and then laughing*

Duo: *makes a face at Relena for not being able to stay cool* Of course not, 'fei, just trying to figure out who won what bet 'n stuff.

Relena: *makes a face back at Duo*

Wufei: Oh, so who won? *looks at Relena from the corner of his eyes, wondering if she told Duo or not*

Relena: *tries to look innocent*

Duo: Oh, you know, no one, really, so it doesn't really matter. *tries to stay rather vague, not because he's afraid of Wufei, but to tease him just a little*

Wufei: Hmhm *puts an arm lightly around Relena's waist* and how are you sure nobody won?

Relena: *smiles slightly and leans against him a little, looking happy*

Duo: You know how it works, I've got my sources, they tell all kinds of interesting things.

Relena: *murmurs softly* They do?

Wufei: *pulls her just a bit closer* I wonder who these sources might be. *looks at Relena* Don't you?

Duo: Oh, they do and how. *starting to look just a bit smug*

Relena: *makes faces at Duo again*

Duo: *sticks his tongue out at her while Wufei isn't paying attention to him*

Relena: *crosses her eyes at him*

Wufei: *raises an eyebrow at their behaviour and decides that he definitely knows enough* *leans down and whispers into Relena's ear* Next time he asks about our sex life, let me know, he can't stand not being told, it'd be fun to watch.

Relena: *whispers back* You try being the one being quizzed about it, then. He's almost as bad as Heero.

Wufei: I know, but Heero stays calm and is much, much more patient. *kisses her temple softly* And as for you, Maxwell *looks back at the screen* horribly sorry for not winning you that twenty.

Relena: *grins*

Duo: *sticks his tongue out again, simply at a loss for words at Wufei's small display of affection and sarcasm*

Relena: *smiles at him sweetly* So, where's Trowa, anyway? Keeping quiet?

Duo: He was doing the dishes when I called you, don't really know where he went off to, now that you mention it. *frowns and looks around the room*

Trowa: *poking his head into the room* You mentioned me?

Wufei: *raises an eyebrow* Excellent hearing.

Trowa: Or just nosey. *comes into the room and goes to stand by the vidphone*

Duo: *smiles and leans his head against Trowa's shoulder from where he sits* What were you up to?

Trowa: Tidying up a bit. *smiles* And listening to the conversation between you and Lena.

Relena: Never figured you'd be so nosey, Trowa.

Duo: You have no idea, I caught him going through my underwear drawer last week, even after I'd told him the toys are in the bathroom. *rolls his eyes in mock frustration*

Wufei: *blinks at that and chuckles quietly to himself*

Trowa: *pulls Duo's hair gently in retribution*

Relena: *laughs softly as well* I see...

Trowa: You don't catch me setting up bets on my friend's sex lives, though, do you? That's Duo's job. So you could say he's as nosey as me.

Duo: *grins and pulls away to free his hair* I never denied that.

Trowa: *sits on the floor, leaning against Duo's legs* So, have you guys been having fun?

Wufei: Oh, yes, heaps, actually. *smirks slightly*

Duo: *reaches down and runs his fingers through Trowa's hair*

Trowa: *grinning* That's good then. *leans his head slightly into Duo's hands*

Relena: As I told Duo, I'm happy. *smiles*

Duo: *nods* She did, she told me she's happy, I didn't win twenty bucks, I told her we all love her.

Trowa: Well, I didn't win twenty either. *sighs in mock sadness* Ah well, I'm sure I can find something to console me.

Duo: Bathroom cabinet under the sink, babe.

Wufei: *laughs again, a bit louder this time*

Relena: *snickers*

Trowa: Now whatever could that be... *tilts his head back to grin at Duo*

Duo: *smiles back and and stretches*

Wufei: I think I should leave you to your...consoling for now, I have an early meeting with Une tomorrow.

Relena: Of course, that means early rising for us both. *rolls eyes*

Trowa: Alright, then. Talk to you again soon, I hope. *smiles*

Duo: He's making you get up too? That's awful!

Relena: No, I just wake up when a grumpy person is crashing about looking for coffee. *grin*

Wufei: I stumbled over that chair once, just once and I get to hear about it a million times. *shakes his head in defeat* Anyhow, goodnight, we'll see you soon.

Trowa: Night.

Relena: Goodnight! *smiles and gives a little wave*

Duo: *waves at the screen with a smile* Night.

Relena: *disconnects*

Duo: *disconnects at his end too and turns to Trowa* So, you needed consoling?

----- (adult stuff after this point =D)

Trowa: *turns and kneels up to kiss Duo lightly* I think so, after that crafty pair mutually gave in and did us all out of our winnings. *smiles*

Duo: You're right, we both need consoling. *smiles, just a bit misschievous*

Trowa: *chuckles softly* Somehow, I don't trust that smile of yours.

Duo: Aw, you can trust me, really, have I ever hurt when you didn't want it? *cocks his head and smiles, seemingly innocent for a second*

Trowa: *smiles and kisses him again, more demandingly* No.

Duo: 'xactly. *kisses back eagerly, grabbig Trowa's collar to pull him closer*

Trowa: You're an angel really, aren't you? *smiles and climbs onto the chair, straddling Duo's lap*

Duo: Well, I wouldn't take it that far, but I can make you scream for God if that's what you want. *puts a hand on Trowa's waist*

Trowa: *smirks* I'd rather just scream for you. *kisses him*

Duo: Fine by me. *kisses back and slips both hands under Trowa's shirt, running his finger over his abs*

Trowa: Thought it would be. *still smirking as he pulls back from the kiss a little*

Duo: *runs his hands up higher, brushing his thumb over a nipple as he goes* You know I like it when you scream *brushes his lips over Trowa's* or when you beg. *kisses him deeply*

Trowa: *gasps softly, kissing back* And you're good at making me do both.

Duo: *grins and brushes over Trowa's other nipple as well, running his tongue across Trowa's lips*

Trowa: And I'd say you're intending to make me do both now....*groans softly, mouth open*

Duo: If I can help it? Yes. *thrusts his tongue into Trowa's mouth while tweaking one of his nipples and letting his other hand drift down to the back of Trowa's pants*

Trowa: *moans, hooking the fingers of one hand into Duo's pants and just resting his hand there, the other hand curling round the back of Duo's neck to pull him a little closer*

Duo: *dips his hand into Trowa's pants and traces a path down between his cheeks, nipping at his lips and jaw all the while*

Trowa: *moves his hand from Duo's pants and slips it up his shirt, rubbing his nipples lightly, teasingly*

Duo: *growls and pulls his hand back from Trowa's pants to pull him fluch against his chest, kissing him vigourously and trying to get rid of his pants at the same time*

Trowa: *shuts his eyes, kissing back, not making things any easier for Duo*

Duo: *pulls back briefly to look at what he's doing and goes back to kissing Trowa once he's managed to get button and zip out of his way*

Trowa: *teasingly brushes his thumb over Duo's nipple again before tugging his shirt and pulling it off, kissing him once it's off*

Duo: *groans and kisses back, dipping one hand down the front of Trowa's pants, stroking him slowly once or twice through his underwear*

Trowa: *moans, pushing his hips forward into Duo's hand* *speaks breathlessly, grinning a little* More of that, please.

Duo: Your wish...*slips a hand into Trowa's underwear and pushes it down, pulling out his cock* is my command. *smirks and strokes him again, nuzzling at his collarbone*

Trowa: *moans again, hooking his fingers into Duo's pants again and quickly undoes the button and zip*

Duo: *loses his grip on Trowa's cock slightly when he tips his head back with a groan, rubbing himself against Trowa's hand*

Trowa: *smirks slightly and rubs Duo lightly before pulling his hand back, just kissing Duo's neck softly*

Duo: *growls and puts an arm around Trowa's waist to pull him closer and kiss him demandingly, his hand taking a firm grip again*

Trowa: *groans into the kiss, kissing back and moving closer to Duo willingly*

Duo: *grins, victoriously, and continues to ravage Trowa's mouth, his hand speeding up a little*

Trowa: *breaks the kiss, panting* Duo... I want you _inside_ me now... please? *rests his face in the crook of Duo's neck, panting against him*

Duo: That's the magic word. *pulls Trowa up and off him while raising his hips to kick his pants off with only a little difficulty, pulling Trowa's pants off completely right after*

Trowa: Glad someone taught me manners then. *grins slightly, still trying to catch his breath*

Duo: *laughs, slightly out of breath as well, and runs his hands up the back of Trowa's legs to the small of his back, pulling him to hover just above his erection*

Trowa: *kisses Duo while dropping down slightly so his entrance just touches Duo's erection, teasing Duo a little more*

Duo: *kisses him back and hisses at the slight touch, closing his eyes and resting his head against the back of his chair, but not pulling Trowa fully into his lap*

Trowa: *unable to tease any longer, quickly pushes down until Duo is completely inside him* *buries his face in Duo's neck again, rolling his hips slightly*

Duo: *groans and tightens his hold on Trowa's waist, dropping one hand to his hip to hold him still for a moment while he bites at Trowa's shoulder, panting harshly*

Trowa: *moans at the bite, biting Duo's neck in retaliation*

Duo: *gasps and, putting his other hand on Trowa's hip as well, pulls him up again*

Trowa: *puts his hands on Duo's shoulders to get more leverage, pushing himself right up until Duo is almost completely out of him then quickly pushes back down*

Duo: *moans his lover's name and snaps his hips up as Trowa descends on him, filling him to the hilt*

Trowa: *groans loudly, wavering for a moment before repeating the move*

Duo: *pushes his hips upward again as well, one hand tight on Trowa's hips as the other moves to take Trowa's cock in hand again*

Trowa: *moans again* Duo... you're intent on not letting me concentrate on anything, aren't you? *breathing erratically*

Duo: Not exactly. *rubs his thumb over the head of Trowa's erection* But why *groans and pulls back as far as he can in his sitting position, only to slam back in right away* why concentrate?

Trowa: There are... certain things I want to concentrate on when I'm with you, after all... *moans* Like that, do that again. *grins, lifting himself up a little*

Duo: *complies with a smile and leans close to kiss Trowa softly on the lips, letting one hand wander up under Trowa's shirt to tease at one of his nipples*

Trowa: *kisses back, catching his breath* *slowly lifts himself up, pushing down just as slowly, mouth open as he tries to catch his breath properly*

Duo: Hmm, babe. *nips at Trowa's jaw and speaking huskily* You kill me when you do that. *pinches Trowa's nipple, gently tugging at it*

Trowa: *gasps but grins as well* I should hope I don't _literally_ kill you... *does it again, deliberately taking his time and savoring the feelings*

Duo: *panting for breath* Damn close enough. *lets go of Trowa's nipple and tangles his hands in his hair, pulling him closer for another eager kiss*

Trowa: *kisses back, hands resting on his shoulders again for leverage, lifting himself up and them quickly slamming down* How about that?

Duo: *moans and lets his head fall back onto the chair* You're gonna make me come like that, baby. *drops his hands to Trowa's ass*

Trowa: Oh good. *grins at him slightly, leaning down to kiss him briefly before quickly lifting up and slamming down just as quickly, trying to get some kind of rhythm to it, moaning in pleasure himself*

Duo: *moves his slightly shaky hands to Trowa's cock, stroking him quickly as he pushes his hips upward again, moaning Trowa's name as he feels warmth spread to his belly*

Trowa: *groans, ducking his head to kiss Duo as his orgasm sweeps through his body, moving his hips still until Duo comes*

Duo: *kisses back and nearly screams as he comes, hips snapping up one final time, hands resting lightly on Trowa's thighs*

Trowa: *smirks slightly, burying his face in Duo's neck again and biting lightly*

Duo: *groans, still panting heavily, and bares his neck, hands slowly travelling up Trowa's ribs in a gently caress*

Trowa: *trails little bites and kisses up Duo's neck to his earlobe and nibbles gently* Are you... 'consoled' now? *grins*

Duo: *grins lazily* Never better. 'N you? *trails his fingertips to Trowa's back, following the the bumps of his spine*

Trowa: I think I'm consoled well enough... for now. *smirks slightly and kisses Duo lightly on the lips*

Duo: *kisses him back softly, muttering something that sounds suspiciously like "horny bastard"*

Trowa: You've called me that before; isn't that part of my irrestible charm, though? *smirks at Duo, lifting his hips and letting Duo slip out of him, settling down in his lap comfortably, not willing to move quite yet*

Duo: *runs a hand through Trowa's hair, finally able to gather most of his wits* Oh it is, babe, it is, and, well, you know what they say. It takes one to know one.

Trowa: Ah, admitting that you're a 'horny bastard' too? *smiles slightly and brushes Duo's bangs out of his face carefully*

Duo: Can't deny it, that'd make me a liar. *closes his eyes and smiles softly at Trowa's touch, sighing quietly*

Trowa: *leans down slightly and kisses Duo's forehead, wrapping his arms around his shoulders and cuddling close*

Duo: *puts his arms around Trowa's waist and holds him tightly* We're going to be cemented together if we stay like this. *drops a kiss on Trowa's chest*

Trowa: Then we'd better move. *sighs softly and pulls away after a moment, standing slowly*

Duo: *follows and wrap his arms around Trowa's neck, kissing him softly* We can cuddle more when we've washed up.

Trowa: *kisses back* You've got no choice in the matter, I wanna cuddle. *grins at him*

Duo: Sir, yes, sir. *kisses him and playfully grabs at his ass before taking his ass and leading him up to the bathroom to wash up*

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